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Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

It has been 100 years since modern Chinese poetry began with New Literature Movement. In past 100 years, Chinese folk literature has developed rapidly, and a large number of writers have emerged in various fields. However, folk literature has only 100 years of history, and its achievements are far from being able to compete with classical Chinese literature, which has developed over thousands of years. Just as in field of poetry, in last 100 years there have been countless poets, but not so many excellent poems. There are no outstanding poets in world of Chinese poetry today. The major poetry magazines are dominated by veteran cadre style, pear blossom style, and bully style, and published poetry is neither good nor bad. Only status and reputation of author are taken into account. This is tragedy of literary world today. The main purpose of this article is to select top 10 poets that have emerged in last 100 years and arrange them in chronological order.

1, Go Moruo

Guo Moro is a representative figure in field of Chinese new poetry, regardless of his character, his position in world of poetry has not yet been shaken by anyone. In general, his poems are majestic, reaching a state of harmony between man and nature. In 1919, he wrote such famous poems as "Phoenix Nirvana", "Earth, my mother" and "Coal in firebox". has surpassed it so far. In 1921, first collection of new poems "Goddess" was published, which was foundation of work of new Chinese poems.

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

Go Moruo

2, Wen Yiduo

After birth of new Chinese poetry, many people did not know how to write new poetry and could not get rid of shackles of traditional poetry. After advent of Wen Yido, new Chinese poetry finally had a direction. In theory of new poetry, he put forward creative theory of "new metrical poetry", believing that poetry should have three beauties, namely beauty of music, beauty of painting, and beauty of architecture. The beauty of music refers to beauty of poetry from point of view of ear, including beauty of rhythm, level, stress, rhyme, pause, etc. It requires harmony, corresponds to mood of poet, fluent and not clumsy. this does not include special use of sound for effects. The beauty of painting means that vocabulary of poetry must go out of its way to express colors, expressing pictures with rich colors. Architectural beauty refers to free style, which means that each stanza of poetry must be proportionate, and each line must be same length - this uniform length does not mean that number of words is exactly same, but that number of scales must be same, so metrical poems should be same. There is some symmetry and uniformity in form. Based on Wen Yiduo's theory, "Crescent Moon Poetry School" was formed. Typical poems by Wen Yiduo include "Dead Water", "Song of Seven Sons", "Red Candle", "Sun Song", "Confession", "Opening", "Prayer" and so on.

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

Wen Yiduo

3, Xu Zhimo

Wen Yiduo completed theoretical construction of Crescent School poetry, and Xu Zhimo became best practitioner of Crescent School poetry. Xu Zhimo's collection of poems is a Western director, fresh and natural, with subtle emotions and deep artistic intent. He is especially good at writing drawn-out love poems, which subsequently have a great influence on creation of new poems. It is a pity that Xu Zhimo, a scumbag, passed away at a young age, otherwise there would be more beautiful poems. His representative works include "Farewell to Cambridge", "Meeting", "Happiness of Snow Flower", "Shayan Nora", "Repentance at Changzhou Tianning Temple", "I Don't Know Wind", "Yunyu" and so on.

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

Xu Zhimo

4, Give Wansh

When Crescent School developed to a certain stage, many poets adopted theory of modern Western symbolism and gradually developed into a modern poetic school, led by Dai Wangshu. The melancholic feelings in Dai Wanshu's poetry are starting point, and life feelings with a classical meaning are contained in poems. First of all, Dai Wangshu's love poems were clearly influenced by late Tang Dynasty poets in expressing seclusion of love and using female images in expressing love. His representative works include "Rain Lane", "My Memory", "I Use My Broken Palm", "Broken Finger", "Dream Seeker" and so on.

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

Give Vansha

5, Ai Qing

China in Republic of China was suffering old China, and poems of above poets could not express suffering of Chinese people. After outbreak of anti-Japanese war, profound changes took place in Chinese poetry circle, realistic poetry quickly rose, and Ai Qing became leader of poetry circle. Ai Qing's poems are epic, simple as loess in north, but they deeply reflect China's grief and China's hope. From late 1930s to 1940s, it was called "Ai Qing era". His characteristic poems include "The Dayan River is My Babysitter", "North", "News of Dawn", "Snow Falls on Land of China", "I Love This Land", "Cart", "Fish Fossils", "Towards". Sun”, etc.

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

Ai Qing

6, Shu Ting

From 1950s to 1970s, poetry was mostly a desert. Only in 1980s did poetry blossom again. Starting in 1980, a new school of poetry appeared in world of poetry, called "Foggy School", they began to reflect on history of past, also known as "literature of scars", of which Shu Ting is a representative. Her poems are full of romanticism and idealism, and love for motherland, life, love and land is warm, peaceful and full of passion at same time. Her representative works include "Brig", "To Oak", "Goddess Peak", "Motherland, My Dear Motherland", "To Sea", "Voice of a Generation", "Pearl Oyster - Tears of Sea". ".

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

7, North Island

Bei Dao is leader of misty poetry school. His poetry has achieved significant success and has been repeatedly nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature. From point of view of our nation itself, in terms of enlightening and restorative impact of Mist Poetry Movement on spiritual life of modern Chinese people, and given important position of Bei Dao among poets of Mist, he is undoubtedly first decade of literature in our new era. A great poet in world, a unique poetic idol and cultural hero. Typical works include "Answer", "End or Beginning - Dedicated to Yu Luoke", "Red Sailboat", "In Bronze Mirror of Dawn", "Lost", "Untitled" and so on.

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

North Island

8, Haizi

Since 1990s, Chinese society has undergone tremendous changes. The giant wheel of industrialization continued to turn, and tranquility of traditional agricultural civilization was disturbed. Many people's hearts seem conflicted, sad and confused. In field of poetry, Haizi is one of representatives. He is also one of last poets of Mainland China. The starting point of Haizi's poetry is element of life. He claims that his long poems were created at call of some great element. These elements of life lurk in depths of civilization. The current of original main force created most healthy and noble culture in history of human civilization, created epic, tragedy and architecture. His representative works are "Wheat Ripe", "Village", "Sea in July", "Wheat Field in May", "Please: Rain", "Big Dipper, Seven Villages", "Asian Copper". ”, “Facing sea, spring flowers”, “Dawn”, “Dawn”, “Hawthorn”, “Spring, Teng Haizi” and so on.

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?


9, Yu Guangzhong

The development of poetry in Taiwan is somewhat different from development of mainland China. They continue to follow in footsteps of Crescent and Modern schools, and continue to explore creation of poetry in terms of language and theory. Yu Guangzhong is one of representatives. Yu Guangzhong mainly wrote poetry and became famous for his prose and commentary. His poems often express poet's compassion, love for land, references to environmental protection, and perspective analysis and capture of all contemporary people and things. The author starts from tradition and moves towards present, again delving into tradition. His signature poems include "Homesickness", "Four Rhymes of Homesickness", "In Spring I Remember", "Baiyu's Bitter Gourd", "Waiting for You in Rain", "Climbing Yuantong Temple", "Lotus World". ", "Looking for Li Bai".

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

Yu Guangzhong

10, Si Murong

Si Murong is another representative of Taiwanese poets. Her poems are mostly written about love, nostalgia, time and life. The expression of love was first theme of Si Murong's poetry. And in these love emotions there is sweetness and sadness. Si Murong experiences tenderness in life from a delicate perspective unique to women. Representative works include "Ballad of Great Wall", "Blooming Tree", "Lotus Heart", "Ancient Love Song", "Meeting" and "The Actor".

Modern poetry has a 100-year history. Who do you think is in top ten poets?

Si Murong

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