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How did 5,000-year history of civilization in Europe originate?

From modern times, with gradual rise of Europe, they began to look for their "brilliant history", which proved superiority of European civilization, and deep historical reasons for leading other civilizations and becoming center of world. From 19th to 20th century, after more than 100 years of archaeological research, European scientists made a "significant discovery". The Minoan civilization was discovered on island of Crete in Greece, and they claimed that Europe has a history of 5000 years of civilization history.

As we all know, China has a 5000 year history of civilization that belongs to same level of civilization as ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon and ancient India. civilization, but Western scholars only recognize that China has more than 3,300 years of civilization history. However, when it comes to history of European civilization, Western scholars confidently assert that it is 5,000 years old. So, does Europe have a 5000 year history of civilization and how did it come about? Peking University professor Qian Chengdan made it clear!

How did 5,000-year history of civilization in Europe originate?

European civilization looks to Greece, Greek civilization looks to Crete, and earliest civilization in Crete is called "Minos"!

The so-called "Minos" comes from Minos, king of Crete in ancient Greek mythology. According to Greek mythology, King Minos was very capable and friendly to people, so country prospered and prospered. Once, a half-man, half-bull burst into kingdom of Minos, monster had a bad temper, wanted to destroy and even ate people, and kingdom of Minos was violated. In end, King Minos figured out how to build a labyrinth and lock monster in labyrinth so that he could never get out, and peace reigned in country.

However, in ancient Greek era, King Minos was already a legendary figure. Until modern times, it was believed in academic circles that deeds about King Minos were purely fictional. In 1878, Greek archaeologist Carlo Kerinos discovered part of a warehouse for storing pottery vases in Crete and began to call it Minoan Palace. In early 20th century, British archaeologist Arthur Evans unearthed ruins of an ancient palace at Knossos on Crete and believed it to be legendary Minoan labyrinth. Since bronze and linear A's were found at site of Knossos, Evans referred to civilization represented at site as "Minoan civilization" and collectively as Cretan civilization.

Because Europe does not have a developed and rich system of Chinese history books, it is impossible to understand ancient times. She can only rely on myths and legends, such as Epic of Homer, in which it is difficult to distinguish truth from lies, or learn about ancient times through archeology. In other words, Chinese archeology can confirm historical records, while Western archeology can only confirm myths and legends, and one can judge validity of both.

According to discovered cultural relics, Western scholars have concluded that Minoan civilization began around 2850 BC. to 1450 BC, followed by Greco-Mycenaean civilization, 400 years of darkness and era of Greek city-states. Thus, from point of view of Minoan civilization, Europe has a 5000-year history of civilization, which roughly coincides with time of emergence of Chinese civilization.

How did 5,000-year history of civilization in Europe originate?

Growing a civilization requires huge resources. Ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, ancient India and ancient China were located on wide plains along large rivers, providing a solid material basis for formation of civilization. Why was ancient Greek civilization born? A remote island in Mediterranean - Crete? The reason is simple, Minos is not a Greek civilization, but a Middle Eastern civilization.

In Greek mythology, a group of gods lived on Olympic Mountains, and Zeus was leader of gods. One day, while traveling around world, Zeus saw a beautiful girl named Europa, daughter of Phoenician king. Seeing that Europe is beautiful and beautiful, Zeus turned into a bull and attracted attention of Europe. Of course, Europe was attracted and climbed on back of bull. The bull then ran wildly for two days and one night and landed on island of Crete in Greece. The place where little girl landed was named "Europa" (Europe). Today, Phoenician kingdom was located on eastern coast of Mediterranean Sea, around Lebanon. King Minos is a descendant of Zeus and Europa.

That is, based on mythological metaphor, we see that European civilization came from Middle East. Actually, archeology has now confirmed that Cretan civilization arose from ancient Egypt and Asia Minor, and not original Cretan civilization, not ancient Greek civilization, more precisely, Cretan civilization is actually a continuation of Middle Eastern civilization. . As for myths and legends about Zeus and Europa, it must be a story fabricated by ancient Greeks about origin of their civilization.

How did 5,000-year history of civilization in Europe originate?

About 1900 BC The Mycenaeans began to settle in Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece. Since they were relatively close to Crete, they gradually entered civilized society under influence of latter. In 1600 BC Synesians began to create a fortune. According to description of "Homeric epic", about 1420 BC. Mycenaeans conquered Crete, destroyed and inherited Cretan civilization and adopted Minoan script to write their original Greek.

Therefore, from point of view of Mycenaean civilization, it was formed no more than 3900 years ago, and time when it actually had a written language falls on about 1400 BC. That is, European civilization actually began with Mycenaean civilization, no more than 3900 years ago, and more precisely, it should only be 3400 years ago, and its writing, social system and many other aspects originated from Asia Minor and Ancient Egypt, and did not evolve itself. The West steals other people's achievements for their own use, and also describes it as true nature of robbers in their own efforts. Perhaps this is where it started.

How did 5,000-year history of civilization in Europe originate?

In late Mycenaean civilization, she won world-famous war - Battle of Troy, but for Greek city-states, ten-year-long war brought huge losses, and northern barbarians - Dorians took advantage of In this situation, ancient Greece could not resist, so after about 50 years after end of Trojan War, Dorians wiped out early Greek city-states, and ancient cities of Troy and Mycenae plunged into clouds of history.

After that, Greece entered a dark period lasting 400 years, and written records were destroyed so that future generations cannot know this period of history. Around 800 BC, after Dark Ages had passed, city-states reappeared among neo-Greeks with barbarian blood. 2000 square kilometers In Athens, there were constant wars with each other, and scale was almost like a villager fighting with weapons. Only in face of foreign invasion did they unite to form a Greek coalition.

About 400 B.C. e. Macedonia arose, located in north of Greece and considered barbaric by Greeks. The famous Alexander was a Macedonian monarch. The Macedonian Empire conquered Greece, but after Alexander died of an illness, his huge empire also split. The history of Ancient Greece ended, Hellenistic era began, and European civilization entered a new stage.

How did 5,000-year history of civilization in Europe originate?

Finally, regarding origin of 5000-year history of civilization in Europe and logic of Western scientists, Professor Qian Chengdan from Peking University hit nail on head:

“Westerners think that early history of Middle East belongs to history of their civilization. It seems strange to everyone that Westerners are always unreasonable; but if they don't say it, then Western civilization is short at best. , it is only more than 3000 years old, therefore, ancient Mesopotamian civilization is also included. But this place is now very poor, and Westerners do not recognize it. They say that this place is not West, but East, and their civilization is not ours. Ancient civilization Civilization is theirs, current civilization is not theirs, Westerners are always very intelligent.”

Reference materials: "Qian Chengdan: origin of European civilization", etc.

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