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After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

Africa, a mysterious continent known as "Golden Continent" through which Sahara desert passes. Most people still have very little knowledge of African countries, let alone history of Africa in general. Today I will take everyone to read history of Africa in one go, whole process is 16 times faster, and it will help you communicate freely with girls around you when you travel Africa, and not just know more about gold.

After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

Sahara Desert

If Africa is a mahjong table, it is none other than Dongfeng (East Africa), West Wind (West Africa), South Wind (South Africa), North Wind (North Africa), Hongzhong (Central Africa). ), Yaoji (Northeast Africa) No). There have been countless stories with a long history in Africa, and it is difficult to tell them clearly in a long text. This article only talks about important things. We will briefly describe history of six Mahjong brothers, starting with Yaoji.

The Yaoji family has a world-class native. Because of pyramids, it attracts many local and foreign tourists every year. This is Xiaoyao (Egypt), one of oldest ancient civilizations in world. Xiao Ai was born in an era without competition (where did competition in ancient ancient country come from), and Xiao Ai, who had no natural enemies, grew up wildly and rapidly, became more and more cruel (strict slavery). His usual hobbies are building pyramids, expanding land, and bullying people.

After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

Egyptian pyramids

In Xiao Expanded Land of Egypt, there is a group of Nubians (now Sudan) who are increasingly dissatisfied with Xiao Egypt's rule and decide to seek independence. Thus, after resistance, Nubians got rid of power of Xiaoai and founded kingdom of Kus. Moreover, Aku once ruled Xiaoai at height of his career and staged a realistic version of way to counterattack. Later, Aku felt that Xiaoai family was meaningless, so he moved capital to Meroy (in Sudan). It is worth noting that Kuss, like Ancient Egypt, also created a beautiful civilization, they were once a trading center in northeast Africa and an iron smelting center south of Mediterranean Sea.

When Aku was still blacksmithing at home, a kingdom was quietly rising, and he was Aksum. Ake expanded very quickly and finally Ake defeated Aku. Then Ake conquered Ethiopia and some countries of Arabian Peninsula one after another, and national power reached its peak. Ake then created current Ethiopian script.

After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

Aksum Ruins

After hundreds of years of Ake dominance in Yaoji family, horseshoes of Persian Empire also set foot on this land, driving Ake out of Arabian Peninsula and cutting off his sea trade channel. Later, after rise of Arab Empire (called "big food" in my ancient country), all overseas passages to Akko were blocked, and national power was further weakened. Who told you that you need to beat others first? It's just a turn of events.

At that time, Christianity was rising all over world, and Christian missionaries were also targeting Africa, which was not yet fully civilized, so missionaries kept moving south (because Christianity was growing rapidly in Aksum, which is why Aksum was called a Christian enclave). To counter missionaries who continued to expand south, a Jewish queen named Gudit sent troops north to attack Acre. She burned many churches, destroyed city of Aksum, and finally put an end to kingdom of Aksum, which had existed in world for almost 1,000 years. So far, all members of Yaoji family have received lunch boxes, and it was Dongfeng's turn to play cards.

After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

African savanna

Ake left just like that. After Ake, Zagwi dynasty arose. It was replaced by Abyssinian Empire of Dongfeng family, which is known as Solomon dynasty (modern Ethiopia). Subsequently, Solomon dynasty gradually retreated to central plateau and maintained its independent status (the Solomon dynasty was only two countries to maintain independent status along with Liberia in wake of imperialist partition of Africa) until 1974.

Back in 7th century, a group of Arab uncles often came to Dongfeng's house on business. After a long time, they settled in Dongfeng's house, got married and had children there. Later, a new ethnic group, Swahili, was formed, today Swahili is common in coastal cities of Dongfeng, such as Somalia and Zambia. During early years of Ming Dynasty in my country, Zheng He visited cities along Dongfeng coast many times during his travels to West and traded with local Swahili people. With that, story of Dongfeng Family ended, and it was Beifeng's turn to play his cards.

After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

Map of East Africa

The history of Beifeng family is as follows: in earliest times, West Asian Phoenicians, who knew how to do business, came to coastal zone of Gulf of Tunis, established a trading base and began to colonize Beifeng family. Gradually, powerful slave state of Carthage was formed here. Later, to compete with Rome for dominance in Mediterranean, Carthage and Rome fought Hundred Years' War. Among them, Second Punic War was an extremely famous war in history of world wars. Carthage fought under command of Hannibal. After 16 years, Rome won, and entire territory of Beifeng family was included in territory of Rome.

Since then, Beifeng family has been mostly occupied by various empires in succession, from Roman Empire to Arab Empire to Ottoman Turkish Empire. Until western colonists entered Beifeng house, it was sphere of influence of Turks. The Beifeng family also received lunch boxes, and now it's Hongzhong's turn.

After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

Punic War

Compared to vigor and vigor of other mahjong brothers, Hongjun is relatively quiet. In ancient history of Hongzhong, there were three tribal kingdoms of Bangasu, Rafai and Zaimyo. The most recent kingdom was Kingdom of Kongo, founded in 14th century. Due to its location in basin, Hongzhong developed relatively slowly. It has always been a tribal country, and class also consisted of members, chiefs, and kings. The Negro slave trade from 16th to 18th centuries greatly reduced local population, exacerbated various social conflicts in Congo, which ultimately led to disintegration of kingdom and its split into several small kingdoms. With this, history of Hongzhong family came to an end, and silent Nanfeng entered scene.

The history of Nanfeng family can be summarized with word "simple" because Nanfeng family was not civilized at that time, and at that time they were still in form of a primitive tribe, so there is basically no written record of their history. After Nanfeng's introduction, only last one, Xifeng, remained.

Xifeng is one of mahjong brothers who entered civilized society earlier. When other brothers were still playing in tribe, they were already digging for gold. In history of Xifeng, there were countless kingdoms, large and small, among which three most famous are three empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai (the empire they themselves named is not really very large).

After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

African Gold

According to oral legend, first kings of Ghana were leaders of nomadic peoples from northern Sahara (at that time Sahara was not a desert, but meadows). Ghana's special product is gold, at that time everything in palace was gold, even collar of royal family was gold. If you travel don't go here, you really can't afford it if your friends ask you to bring special foods. Later, this "golden country" was conquered by Morocco, and remaining lands on it were also occupied by Susu people, and Ghanaian Empire perished. After that, Mali Empire destroyed Susu tribe, and Xifeng family entered period of Mali Empire. Later, due to internal power struggles in Mali Empire, national power gradually declined and was finally defeated by its daughter state, Songhai state. But Songhai Empire did not last long before being destroyed by Morocco, and that was end of Xifeng family story.

The above is whole story of six Mahjong brothers, but rest of story will be told together because western colonists came to divide their land. When Portuguese Vasco da Gama left Lisbon and crossed Cape of Good Hope into Mozambique, it was a new path of fortune for western colonists, but it was a new path of disaster for Africa. Since American continent had not been opened for a long time at that time, a large amount of labor was required for productive labor. Thus, Western powers started evil slave trade and large numbers of Africans were sold to America as slaves. Not counting number of people killed at home, number of blacks taken to America alone was more than 6 million, with a pile of blood and bones.

After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

Slave trade

In modern history of mankind, slave trade has written most shameful and despicable page. But disaster in Africa is far from over. With end of Western Industrial Revolution, large quantities of raw materials and a vast market are required, and they are once again set on Africa. At Berlin Conference of 1884, at negotiating table, great powers divided all lands in Africa. Before First World War, with exception of Ethiopia and Liberia, which remained independent, all other countries and regions were colonies or semi-colonies of Western countries.

After end of World War II, Mahjong Six Brothers founded National Independence Movement. Through joint efforts of several brothers, African countries gradually became independent. Until 1990, Namibia, last colony in Africa, got rid of power of South Africa (which was still in power at that time) and declared independence. To date, all countries of African continent have achieved national independence and completely eliminated Western colonial domination. After that, Mandela became president of South Africa, and white dictatorship in South Africa collapsed, marking birth of a new South Africa, and six Mahjong brothers embarked on a new historical journey.

After reading history of Africa in one breath, you do not immediately know that people have gold

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