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Disinformation and final conclusions about patrilineal type of Aisinhueluo family confirmed

As closest empire to us, Qing Dynasty still had a large number of royal family descendants, and researching paternal lineage of royal family also went through a torturous process.

The royal family of Qing Dynasty was divided into three classes:

①The descendants of Kangxi are called Jinzhi clan, and their names should be named according to a single generation, and number of people at this level is smallest;

②The descendants of Nurhaci's father (Takshi) are called a clan, among which descendants of a non-Kangxi emperor are called Yuanzhi clan, wearing a yellow belt, and naming does not require ranking;

③The other descendants of Nurhati's grandfather (Juechanan), named Jueluo, wear a red belt and do not need to be named by seniority.

These people must have same paternal Y chromosome.

1. Early Fake Attempts (2005)

The earliest analysis of paternal lineage of Aisinhueluo royal family was "The Recent Spread of Y Chromosome Lineage in Northern China and Mongolia" published in American Society for Human Genetics (Journal of American Society for Human Genetics). ) in August 2005 (Paternal Y-chromosome expansion in Northern China and Mongolia in recent historical periods).

This article is earliest article on study of royal family of Qing Dynasty. By examining 16 STR data, article analyzes that northern China, Outer Mongolia, and Russian Siberia have a Y chromosome of about 500 years TMRCA (Time of Latest Common Ancestor), which belongs to C Downstream of Bei-M48, there are 1.5 million descendants. Later it turned out that these data are completely wrong.

Until now, you can still see this incorrect data being transmitted on Internet. For example, if you randomly search, you will see that even in 2021, some people are spreading the wrong information that Jue Changang has 1.5 million descendants. .

The absurdity of this article in 2005 was widely questioned at beginning of its publication. There are many reasons for this: for example, there is no suitable descendant of Aisinhueluo;% are descendants of Jue Chang'an; one third of population of Outer Mongolia and even Kalmyk Mongols in Europe are descendants of Jue Chang'an, which is completely inconsistent with history.

This article was later found to be completely wrong.

2. The first discovery of real paternal line of Aixinjueluo family (2014)

In 2014, Yang Shi published Y chromosome of "Aisin Gioro, Qing Dynasty Imperial House" in Chinese and English. Journal of Human Genetics.

The value of this article is that 7 descendants of Aisinhueluo were selected, genealogy of 3 of which is clearly recorded in "Genealogy of Aisinhueluo", and 4 of them were self-proclaimed descendants, but could not provide their genealogy.

The 7 volunteers include: descendants of Prince Yu Duoduo (2 people in Beijing, full family tree), descendants of Prince Su Haoge (1 person in Beijing, complete genealogy), descendants of Prince Zheng Jirhalang (1 person in Beijing, not yet genealogy proof provided), descendants of Suo Chang'a, descendant of Lan Qiu (1 person in Beijing, no genealogy provided), descendants of Prince Yu Duoduo (1 person in Liaoning, no genealogy provided), descendants of obscure lineages (1 person in Liaoning, no genealogy provided) ) Provide a family tree)

STR comparison shows that three volunteers have same STR (or 1 step difference), including Duduo descendants who provided family tree, Haoge descendants, and Lanqiu descendants who provided family tree. genealogical tree is not provided. Descendant of Aixinjueluo.

These facts are consistent with our historical common sense: First, strict genealogical (jade) system of government in Qing Dynasty ensured accurate and orderly succession to descendants of royal family and important princely families, as well as descendants of Duoduo. with official genealogical records of 1 person and 1 person who is a descendant of Haoge, paternal lineage is accurate; secondly, some people outside official family tree (jade) of Qing Dynasty are not very reliable, except that they have been lost for a long time; third, descendants of Qing royal family are mainly distributed in Beijing and Liaoning, but Beijing area is more accurate.

3. Paternity Study of Aixinghueluo Family Before Qing Dynasty (2016)

In 2016, "Journal of Human Genetics" published "The Genetic Tracing of Early Migrations of Aisin Gioro, "Imperial House of Qing Dynasty", it is clear that paternal lineage of Aisinhueluo family is C3b1a3a2-F8951 (Cbei-F8951).

This article confirms accuracy of Yan Shi's 2014 article, and analyzes with help of STR and pedigrees that source of paternal line should be in Daurian, Khulunbuir Mongolian, Oroqen, Buryat and other populations in northeastern part of northeast.

Based on time of this family's differentiation, time of BATWING-TMRCA of this type is 586 years, and time of BATWING-Expansion is 503 years, which also corresponds to historical record of prosperity of Aixinjueluo family.

Fourth, new study (2019)

In 2019, there are still a few articles that continue to discuss this topic, and there are new surprises in content, such as "Linking Ao and Aisin Gioro clans from northeast China through whole Y-chromosome sequencing" in "Journal of Human Genetics" (Analysis of family ties between surname Ao and Aixinghueluo in Northeast China by full sequence of Y chromosome)

The article shows a fact that makes us even more surprised. Using STR analysis, most of distant relatives of Aixinjueluo family are distributed among Mongolian-speaking Daurian and Buryat ethnic groups. Among them, especially Daurian Ao family is associated with paternal Y-chromosome of Manchu Aixinjueluo family.

Does Aixinhueluo family originate from Ao surname group among Daurs 600-700 years ago? Why were Daurs treated differently in Qing Dynasty? This clue may lead to new discoveries in future.

5. Analysis of modern big data

Currently, big data is best research method. Among them, company (23 Mofang) analyzed 2938 modern Manchus and found that C2a1b2a1c1-F14752 is about 0.019% of male population of China (0.95% of Manchus), mainly distributed in Manchu groups in three northeastern provinces and Beijing, and belonged to family Aisinhueluo of royal family of Qing Dynasty.

The results of this big data analysis are consistent with previous work in 201, 2016 and 2019. In general, size of Aisinhueluo family today is approximately clear. There are about 50,000 male descendants among Manchus. , some People have changed to other peoples.

After fall of Qing Dynasty, small imperial court of Puyi retained privilege of Qing Dynasty's rules of preferential treatment. Sometime in 1915, he counted size of entire royal family. Jueluo members and a total of 27,884 male members of royal family. This statistic was recorded in last edition of Jade Document in 1922 and confirmed in Aisinhueluo Genealogy in 1938. Since then, there have been no official statistics.

Compared to a population of about 400 million people in early years of Republic of China, growth rate of royal family after its decline is about same as that of ordinary people.

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