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2014 paper: Y-Chromosome Measurement Results of Dayan Khan's Golden Family Descendants

In 2014, Outer Mongolian scientist Kherlen Batbayar published "The Genetic Origin of Turko-Mongols and a Review" in Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy. genetic traces).

2014 paper: Y-Chromosome Measurement Results of Dayan Khan's Golden Family Descendants

The article is based on a sample of 7 volunteers who are direct descendants of Dayan Khan. These 7 volunteers have a clear and verifiable genealogy. Shanbeizi and other titles, by comparison, conclusively confirmed Dayan Khan's genotype.

1. Introduction by Dayan Khan

Dayan Khan's name is Batu Mungke (Batu Mungke, which means "eternal hero" or "silver hero" in Mongolian), and he is Genghis Khan's fifteenth grandson.

2014 paper: Y-Chromosome Measurement Results of Dayan Khan's Golden Family Descendants

The genealogy of Genghis Khan and Yankhan is as follows:

Genghis Khan (Taizu) → Torre → Kublai Khan (Yuan Shizu) → Zhenjin → Dala Mabala → Sea Mountain → Tutimur → Tuohuang Timur (Yuan Shundi) → Tuogushi Timur→Dugulen Timur→Azhai→Agabarji→Kharguchuk→Bayan Monk→ Monk Batu (Dayan Khan).

Dayan Khan was born a nobleman, his father is Jinong (Jinong is Mongolian transliteration of prince) Bayanmen, his grandfather, name is Kharguchuk, and his grandmother is Tsizike was a political marriage between Eastern and Western Mongolia. When they consummated their marriage, Ming Yingzong Zhu Qizhen ended up in Vale (1449 AD).

The birth of Bayan Munk (Dayan Khan's father) is very legendary. In connection with civil war of Mongol tribes in 1452, Tutuobuhua Khan (the elder brother of Dayan Khan's great-grandfather) was leader of Tatar-Mongolian family. . ), Agha Barzi (Dayan Khan's great-grandfather) and Kharguchuk (Dayan Khan's grandfather) were killed in Oala tribe, and Gizike Yuji (Yesyan's daughter and Dayan Khan's grandmother) is pregnant. Just like ruler of Vala at first, due to political needs, wanted to kill child (that is, his grandson) conceived by his daughter.

Qizike Yuji gave birth to this boy (Dayan Khan's father, Bayan Munk) in 1453. In order to save child's life, Queen Mother Samuel (Yesian's grandmother) replaced boy with a girl, successfully hiding Yesian, and safely sent child to Wuliang tribe. Tu betrothed his daughter to him, found Mandula Khan at that time and told him boy's life experience.

The birth of Bayan Munch is so legendary, but many references are related to court politics and there are many doubts, we will talk about this later.

The son of Bayan Munch is called Batu Munk (Dayan Khan).

2. Actual measurement of 7 descendants of golden family in 2014

In 2014, Outer Mongolian scientist Kherlen Batbayar discovered 7 volunteers in China and Outer Mongolia who were descendants of a golden family. verifiable family bloodlines (official jade documents of Qing Dynasty), and they were all high-ranking nobles of Qing Dynasty (the lowest title was also Gushan Beizi).

2014 paper: Y-Chromosome Measurement Results of Dayan Khan's Golden Family Descendants

Volunteer ①: Descendant of Dayan Khan's eldest son, Turuboroth's eldest son, Bodi Alak, whose title in Qing Dynasty was Dorobeile. This branch is same branch as last Mongol Khan Lindan Khan (Chahar branch).

Volunteer ②: Hehachi Khesar, eldest son of Alchuborot, fifth son of Dayan Khan, came from Taiji in Qing Dynasty. This branch belongs to Mongolian branch of Tumed.

Volunteer ③: A descendant of Sevudeng, second son of Dayan Khan's fifth son, Alchuborot, who held title of Gushan Beizi in Qing Dynasty. This branch is also Mongolian branch of Tumed.

Volunteer ④: The younger son (eleventh son) of Dayan Khan (eleventh son) is a descendant of Nuo Nuohe, third son of Gelsenzazalayer, who held title of Prince Heshuo in Qing Dynasty. This was extremely valuable in Qing Dynasty, and two of five Mongol Khans of Qing Dynasty came out: Saiyinnuoyan Khan and Tusiyetu Khan, who belonged to Outer Mongolia in same clan as famous Prince Chaoyun Selin of Qing Dynasty.

Volunteer ⑤: Descendants of Samu, eleventh son of Dayan Khan and ninth son of Samu, who was king of Duoluo County in Qing Dynasty and belonged to right wing of Zhasaktu Khan branch.

Volunteer ⑥: Descendants of Amindulal, fifth son of Dayan Khan's eleventh son, Geyi Senzazalayer, whose title in Qing Dynasty was Gushan Beizi.

Volunteer ⑦: Descendant of 11th son of Dayan Khan, fifth son of Gelsenza Zalayer, Aminduralal, who held title of Gushan Beizi in Qing Dynasty, descendants of Chechen Khan in Outer Mongolia in Qing Dynasty.

2014 paper: Y-Chromosome Measurement Results of Dayan Khan's Golden Family Descendants

The results show that when comparing STR and SNP, Volunteer ② (Tumed branch), Volunteer ④ (Tuchetu branch), and Volunteer ⑤ (Zhasaktu branch) share same C2 paternal ancestor, southern branch, this ancestor can be 100% sure that it belongs to Dayan Khan (monk Batu).

Others include Volunteer ① (Chahar Branch, Northern Branch C2, Other Branch), Volunteer ③ (Tumed Branch, D1a), Volunteer ⑥ (Chechen Khan Branch, Q), Volunteer ⑦ (Chechen Branch, O2a).

2014 paper: Y-Chromosome Measurement Results of Dayan Khan's Golden Family Descendants

3. Modern information about big data

The Dayan Khan gene is C2-F8536 of southern branch of C2, which formed about 510 years ago and makes up 1.38% of local population of Inner Mongolia. The Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture (belonging to a mixture of Chakhar branch and Turkhute branch) accounted for more than 5%, in Udzimchin and Sunit in Silin-Gol League more than 10%, and in Western Udzhimchin banner ratio reaches 25%. In just 500 years, it is extremely rare in world history for one person to give birth to so many offspring.

Fourth, comparison of Dayanhan gene and Choros gene

Back in 2005, “Genetic Features of Mongolian Ethnic Groups Identified by Y-Chromosome Analysis” found that Chuoros family is from Zakhakin tribe in Outer Mongolia (Vala-Dzhungar tribe, such as Exian, Galdan, etc. Celebrities) , whose STR fully matches STR of Dayan Khan family, caused shock and speculation from many people in circle.

The relationship between two STRs is as follows: (Choros and Dayan Khan are clusters on left, and famous Nero Star Cluster on right)

2014 paper: Y-Chromosome Measurement Results of Dayan Khan's Golden Family Descendants

Now that more and more people are participating in testing, pedigree of these two is clearly known:

Dayan Khan C2-F8536


Chorus C2-F10378


The common ancestor of two is F10378, before 1710. Due to small population of Choros family descendants, there is insufficient evidence to say if further relationships exist between them.

550 years ago, civil strife occurred in Wara tribe. The pregnant princess Tsikike Yuji (Yesyan's daughter, Dayan Khan's grandmother) gave birth to a daughter. before telling Mandul Khan. Is this really a conspiracy? ? More genetic evidence is needed.

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