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Classics of Chinese Enlightenment - Zengguang Xianwen: A collection of various proverbs and proverbs from ancient times to present day in China

"Zeng Guang Xian Wen". Also known as "Words of Past" and "Words of Ancient and Modern", this is a children's bibliography compiled during Ming Dynasty in China. "Zengguang Xianwen" collects various proverbs and proverbs from ancient times to present day in China. Later, after constant additions by literati of Ming and Qing dynasties, it was changed to current version. "Zengguang Xianwen" has a wide range of content, from etiquette and morality, laws and regulations to customs, astronomy and geography, almost everything is included, and sentences are fluent and easy to understand.

"Zeng Guang Xian Wen" is based on premise of "evil nature" thought, with a harsh view of social life, and tells of suffering, vicissitudes, darkness, coldness and hypocrisy in world. Among them are many well-known sayings and aphorisms that have passed through centuries, for example, "it is difficult to paint skin of a tiger, to paint its bones, knowing face, but not heart." "Zengguang Xianwen" is conventionally divided into: one is about people and interpersonal relationships, another is about destiny, third is about how to live in world, and fourth is about expressing views on reading.

At same time, "Zeng Guang Xian Wen" also has a side of persuading people to do good, such as "You shouldn't have a heart to harm others, and you shouldn't have a heart to defend yourself against others. "It was influenced by Buddhist thoughts and could represent thoughts of ordinary Chinese at that time. After reading "Zeng Guang Xian Wen", I found that there is a big conflict between his thoughts and Chen Zhu's neo-Confucianism, because one is official and other is folk To this day it is still a very good reading for enlightenment.The text looks like this:

Classics of Chinese Enlightenment - Zengguang Xianwen: A collection of various proverbs and proverbs from ancient times to present day in China

In old days, virtuous writers taught you diligently.

The collection of poems is replenished, there is something to see and hear.

Looking at present, one must learn from past, past cannot create present.

Know yourself and your enemy and compare your heart with your heart.

Wine is drunk with close friends, and poems are sung to parishioners.

There are dating all over world, how many people can know each other?

A meeting is like meeting for first time, and there is no resentment until end.

Know nature of fish by water and song of birds by mountains.

Easy to get up and easy to retreat.

Gold becomes iron when shipped, and iron becomes like gold when shipped.

Reading requires intent, a word is worth a thousand gold pieces.

When you meet people, you can talk a little, but don't give your whole heart.

Intentionally planted flowers will not bloom, but unintentionally planted willows and willows to provide shade.

It's hard to draw a tiger's skin, but it's hard to color bones.

Money is like manure, benevolence and righteousness are worth thousands of gold pieces.

It's unintentional to walk down beach under flowing water, but it's unintentional when white clouds come out of Xiuyuan.

If you hadn't stood up and looked up at that time, who would have believed that stream to east was deep?

Lu Yao knows horsepower, and time sees people's hearts.

Two people have same heart, no amount of money can buy gold;

One person has same heart, but money can't buy a needle.

It's easy to meet each other, but it's hard to live long.

The reason horses are weak is that they are thin, and people are not romantic because they are poor.

Forgiving people is not an idiot, and an idiot won't forgive others.

If you are a relative, you are not a relative, but if you are not a relative, you are a relative.

Beautiful or not, water in village, native or not, native people.

Yinghua is still afraid of spring, how can she teach people to waste spring?

The peach blossoms at entrance to cave also laugh at people when they meet and return without a drink.

Beauties in pink don't let them grow old, they don't teach poor to be poor.

He will not receive guests at home, he only recognizes master when he leaves.

Scutellaria baicalensis is not false, ferulicum is not true.

A guest who doesn't give a damn about host is a bad guest.

If you don't care about good guests, you must be idiots.

The poor live in a noisy city and no one cares about them, while rich have distant relatives in mountains.

Who has no one to talk to behind his back, who doesn't talk before?

If you have money, you are telling truth, but if you have no money, you are telling truth.

If you don't believe me, but keep an eye on wine at feast, and try to persuade rich firstX.

Make money on troubles and calm down.

Come like wind and rain, walk like dust.

The waves across Yangtze River drive waves forward, and newcomers to world overtake old ones.

Lands near water are first to receive moon, and sunny flowers and trees appear as early as possible in spring.

The ancients did not see current moon, but this month once illuminated ancients.

The first must be a king and second must be a minister.

Mo Daojun travels early and more frequently.

Don't believe in straightforwardness and straightforwardness, but beware of benevolence and inhumanity. There are straight trees in mountains, but there are no straight people in world.

Hate yourself for not having branches and leaves, don't blame sun for your passion. Everything is fate, and it cannot be controlled in any way.

The plan for year is in spring, and plan for day is in Yin. The plan of family is in harmony, plan of life is in diligence.

Responsibility for others, responsibility for oneself, forgiveness for others.

Keep your mouth shut and defend against your will.

I prefer to be bullied by others than by myself.

Be careful again and again, above all don't deceive your heart.

The tiger's body is still available, but human venom is unbearable.

He who talks about right and wrong is right and wrong.

It's hard to put out a fire near distant water, and a close neighbor is not as good as a distant relative.

There is wine and meat and many brothers, how have you ever seen one man in trouble?

Humanity is like a sheet of paper, and world is like a chess game.

There are thousand-year-old trees in mountains, but it is rare to meet a hundred-year-old person in world.

A little rest and a heavy burden, don't convince others with light words.

If you don't have money, don't join crowd, and if you're in trouble, you can't find your relatives.

If you don't frown in your life, there shouldn't be people in world who grind their teeth.

Scholars are treasure of country, and Confucianism is treasure on table.

If you want to stop drinking, keep your eyes open and look at drunk people.

When you ask for help, you need to ask a man, and when you need help, you need to help others.

A drop is like nectar when you're thirsty, and it's best not to drink anything when you're drunk.

Long life makes you cheap, and frequent visits make you less intimate.

A real gentleman is silent in wine, and a real gentleman is in money.

Being a monk is more than enough to become a Buddha.

Accumulating a thousand taels of money is not as good as explaining scriptures clearly.

Adopting a son without an education is like raising a donkey, and raising a daughter without an education is like raising a pig.

If you have fields but do not plow warehouses and barns, you will be stupid if you have booksgi, but you don't read them.

The warehouses are empty and years are worked out, and children and grandchildren are stupid and have little etiquette.

Listen to your own words is better than reading ten years of books.

People don't know past and present, but horses and cows look like skirts.

In vast world there are countless people, what kind of man is a husband?

White wine wanders to be hospitable, and gold crumbles to receive books.

Better to save a life than to build a seven-tiered pagoda.

A fire broke out at gates of city, affecting fish in pond.

Growing embroidered grass before court, a good deed is worse than nothing.

If you want to live and be rich, you must work hard.

Hundreds of years is not enough, once it breaks it will be more than enough.

The heart is like iron, and law is like a furnace.

There is little good, but more damage.

When water is clear, there will be no fish, and if people worry too much, there will be no wisdom.

The wise are divided, but stupid are nothing.

Father at home, husband married.

Idiots fear their wives, virtuous women respect their husbands.

All day there is right and wrong, and if you don't listen, nothing will happen.

The view of hut with bamboo fence is good, but monk's house in Taoist monastery is not so good.

Better to be righteous and not have enough than to be evil and have more than enough.

It is better to believe what is, than not to believe what is not.

Sometimes there must be something in fate, but there is no time in life, don't force it.

A Taoist monastery hosts immortals, and a book hall hides Confucianism.

Phoenix bamboo plants are planted in yard, and dragon fish are bred in pond.

To make friends, you have to conquer yourself, as I am worse than nothing.

But after three to five days, meeting isn't as good as it used to be.

Human feelings seem to rise and fall like water, and affairs of world are like clouds.

Know what to say, but don't be reckless.

It is not good to sharpen a knife to hate, but sharpness of a knife hurts your fingers;

You don't really hate asking for money, but too much money hurts you.

Conscientious and always content, you will never be dishonored for life;

If you are blessed, you will hurt your wealth, but if you are not blessed, you will hurt yourself.

Small difference for a thousand miles.

If you climb high you will feel worse, if you travel far you will feel worse.

Think twice before you act, and think again.

It is better to talk than to do it yourself, and it is better to ask others than to ask yourself.

When I was young, I was a brother and grew up in different villages.

If you envy money, don't envy food; if you hate life, don't hate death.

People get mad when they see white hair, but I'm happywhen I see a gray head.

How many young people will die before they turn white.

Walls have seams and walls have ears.

Good things don't disappear, but bad things spread everywhere.

If you want people not to know if you don't do anything yourself.

Don't do bad things, don't be surprised when you knock on door in middle of night.

A thief is a villain, wiser than a gentleman.

A gentleman is always poor, but a villain is too poor.

Wealth causes more anxiety, but poverty is more convenient.

Don't treat me as a virtue, treat me as a hate.

It is better to take middle than middle.

People have short term worries without long term worries.

Those who know me say I'm worried, but those who don't know me say what I want?

I refuse to go on a sunny day until rain hits my head.

Don't say anything about it, it's hard to forget.

Right and wrong just to talk more, and all problems because you're strong.

Be patient a little, so as not to experience a hundred days.

I recently learned tortoise method and have to shrink my head when necessary.

Fear of law and joy of courtship, bullying public are disturbing day by day.

One life, grass grows in one spring.

The black-haired man doesn't know how to study hard, and in blink of an eye he turns into a gray-haired man.

After fifteenth month, light becomes scarce, and when people reach middle age, everything stops.

Children and grandchildren have their blessings, so don't be horse and bull for your children and grandchildren.

Life is less than a hundred years old, and I often worry about being a thousand years old.

If you have wine today, you will be drunk today and worried about tomorrow.

When road is in danger, you must avoid it, and you will not be free when situation is unavoidable.

People are poor and silent, and their level is not good.

A family adopts a daughter, a hundred families ask for her, and a hundred horses survive.

There are flowers to drink wine, and there is no moon to climb up.

Three cups lead to journey, and one drunk can save you from a thousand worries.

After all, ferocious tigers hide in deep mountains, and sea must take a trickle.

You have to be careful when you cherish flowers, but you don't brush your hair when you love moon.

Probably choose her with good muscles and bones, and she's also flirtatious without pink powder.

It is advisable to step back first when you are deeply in favor, and you can rest when you are proud.

Don't wait for good and evil to reach your ears, old love turns into hate.

If you stay with bright moon in five lakes, you won't have to worry about having nowhere to put golden hook.

Don't have a fishing spot, don't lovethose shallow beach.

When you leave, you must go, and you cannot stay again and again.

Be patient, calm your anger, let go of situation and take a step back.

Thirty is not rich, forty is not rich, fifty will lead to death.

Life does not recognize soul, death does not recognize corpse.

An inch of time is worth an inch of gold, and an inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time.

The love of parents is different, and love of husband and wife is also different.

Life is like birds living in same forest, when trouble happens, they fly apart.

People enjoy being bullied, but horses enjoy being ridden.

A man is not rich without a windblow, and a horse is not fat without night grass.

Evil people don't fear sky, and good people don't intimidate sky.

Good and evil will eventually be rewarded, one can only hope that sooner or later this will happen.

It's still a day of clearing for Huang He, how can people be unlucky?

To be loved and think about humiliation, to be ready for danger in times of peace.

Niannian is like day when enemy approaches, and heart is always like crossing a bridge.

The hero is on a dangerous road, and wealth is like a flower branch.

There is no good spring, but I'm afraid that autumn will be cold.

There will be a farewell to shipping thousands of miles away.

But I will look at crab with cold eyes and see how long you will be outrageous.

Don't talk about things when you see them, you don't know when you ask.

Don't mind your own business, come back early if you have nothing to do.

Staining faux satin is really red, and others say it's right and wrong.

Good things can be done, but bad things shouldn't be done.

Everything costs a fortune.

Dragon begets dragon, and tiger begets tiger.

In shallow waters of Longue, shrimp teased, and in plains, dogs mocked tigers.

In one fell swoop, he entered dragon and tiger rankings for first time, and ten years later he entered Phoenix Basin.

Ten years of hard work, no one asked, and in one fell swoop became famous all over world.

Alcohol debts are common everywhere, but at age of seventy they are a rarity in life!

Raise children to prevent old age, store grain to prevent starvation.

Animal chickens, pigs, piglets and piglets will never run out of season, and a family of several people will never go hungry.

The head of family knows value of salt and rice, and adopted son knows kindness of his parents.

Always think of a day without a day, don't treat timeless as time.

The tree wants silence, but wind does not stop, child wants to support, but relatives do not wait.

When wind blows, Tengwan Pavilion moves to Lei Hongjian Fu Monument.

When you start, don't ask aboutblossoming and decline, but just look at your face and you will understand everything.

The official is clean and official is thin, but temple of gods is blessed with fat.

Quiet wrath of thunder, stop might of tigers and leopards.

Forgive others for calculating foundation, lose others for calculating machine.

Good words are hard to come by, but bad words are easy to deal with.

Once a word is spoken, it's hard to follow.

Those who teach me good are my thieves, those who teach me evil are my teachers.

Where you meet a knight on road, give me a sword, If you don't have talent, don't give poems.

The three of us should be my teacher.

Choose good ones and follow them, and change bad ones.

If you want to be prosperous and harmonious, you must do good deeds and study well.

If young people don't work hard, boss will be sad.

If people have good wishes, God will bless them.

Don't drink Maoshi wine, you will be so weak and drunk.

Do not scold your wife during you, you will be lonely all night.

If you plant hemp, you get hemp, and if you plant beans, you get beans.

The eyes of sky have been repaired, sparse, but not leaking.

When you see an official, don't step forward, and when you're away, don't stay behind.

It's better to add a bucket than to fill your mouth full.

A mantis is catching a cicada, and an oriole is behind?

Do not ask for gold and jade, but hope that all children and grandchildren will be virtuous.

Once husband and wife, marriage forever.

Bai Shixiu swam across one boat, and Qian Shixiu fell asleep together.

If you kill 10,000 people, you will lose 3,000.

A word that hurts someone is sharp as a knife.

Every spring, a dead tree grows back, and no one can be young again twice.

Look at sky before it's too late.

A general's head is fit for a horse, but a prince's belly is fit for a punt.

The rich think about coming year, while poor think about present.

If you want to be kind in world, don't borrow money for things.

To live and die, wealth and honor depend on sky.

When you hit a stone, there is fire, but if you don't hit it, there is no smoke.

One learns to know, and one who does not learn is in vain.

Don't laugh at old age of other people, sooner or later they will grow old.

Going to bed with your neighbors is like collecting treasure.

But if you can do your duty, you won't have problems in life.

Everyone is doing everything as usual, but little family is in a panic.

Everyone teaches their children etiquette and righteousness, but small family is vicious and teaches Erlang.

A gentleman loves money and gets it right way.

A chaste woman loves sex and takes it politely.

Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be rewarded with evil.

It's not that you don't tell, time hasn't come yet.

Anythingevil and adultery are first, and a hundred acts of filial piety are first.

If you don't have faith, you don't know what to do.

One person tells truth, but thousands tell truth.

If you want to succeed in everything, you need to ask three elders.

If you're aiming for a small profit, you'll go astray.

Don't intimidate your neighbors at home and talk to your neighbors right and wrong.

Prevent hunger every year and theft every night.

Students are good, but not learning is bad.

Scientists are like grass like rice, and unlearned people are like grass like wormwood.

When drinking alcohol, it is necessary to avoid intoxication and sing loudly.

Because wind blows fire, I don't use force.

How can you see waves if you're not being led by fishermen?

Wuqiu is friendly everywhere, and if he does not drink, price of wine will be high.

When there are few rulers, there are few troubles, and when there are many people, there are many right and wrong.

When you go to mountains, you are afraid not to harm people and tigers, but to be bilateral.

The strong one is stronger than strong one, and evil one must be crushed by evil one.

It will make you rich when you're not at home, and you don't have to dress well when you're romantic.

Time is like an arrow, and sun and moon are like a shuttle.

The right time is not as good as right place, and right place is not as good as harmony of people.

Gold is not expensive, but happiness is more expensive.

There is no escape from evil.

Sheep know how to kneel and suckle, but crows feel like they're feeding back.

Due sons are born from filial piety, and disobedient sons are born from disobedience.

I don't believe it, but look at water in front of eaves, puddles of old nest.

Hide evil and promote good, hold on to both ends.

A virtuous wife and husband have few misfortunes, and son is respectful of his father.

It is very difficult to collect covered water.

Life is always long enough to be content, and people always slip away and do nothing.

Green poplars are everywhere, and every family has a road that leads to Chang'an.

If you fall into cauldron, why don't you look back.

Easy to see, hard to know.

When you get tired of silence, you still think about noise, and when you don't like noise, you remember mountains.

Because heart is at peace, there is no peace everywhere.

Don't take it lightly, just take it lightly.

Calculate each mistake with your heart, take a step back and think it over.

The roads are different, but family is one.

It is easy to go from modesty to extravagance, but it is difficult to go from extravagance to modesty.

The sidekick talks and sidekick listens, but sidekick can't talk to each other.

Turn petrification into gold, but people's hearts are still not satisfied.

I took a chance and sold house.

Other smotlook at flowers, not at your eyes.

Others are busy and don't touch your feet.

Who doesn't love their sons and grandsons, who doesn't love Qian Zhongsu.

Nai Usin is not such a topic.

Don't worry about your heart, children and grandchildren have their blessings.

When book is used, you'll hate it less and you won't know difficulty until you've completed it.

There is no such thing as a parent in world, and rarest brother in world.

If you are at odds with others, advise them to breed geese; if you are at odds with others, advise them to build a house.

But do good deeds, don't ask about future. If you are not friends with monks, you are a good person.

The river is narrow and water is turbulent, and people are in a hurry to earn a living.

Knowing that there are tigers in mountains, do not go to mountains.

If road is not shoveled, nothing will work.

When you have no money, you stop drinking, and in your old age you start reading scriptures.

It's better to turn on light in dark than to point to seventh floor of tower.

The two elders in hall are living Buddhas, why use Lingshan to go to World Honored One.

Advise people not to hide anything, and there is a god in heaven.

But save square inch of earth and leave it to your descendants to work on.

Extinguish fire in heart and take front lamp of Buddha.

Too much sympathy and shortcomings, and Mengmeng is a civil servant.

The stars are brighter than lonely moon.

Brothers hurt each other, not friends.

Reasonable and feasible, a small profit is undeniable.

The peony flowers are clearly visible, but marmalade flowers are small and strong.

Do not offend old, do not offend young, you do not know how to deceive people.

Diligently plowing and loosening earth, he is always full and warm to thank sky.

If you have to endure and endure, if you have to endure and endure, if you cannot bear it, little things will lead to disaster.

From hero's point of view, family fortune is slowly receding.

A good woman makes her husband valuable, but a bad woman makes her husband lose.

One person celebrates, Zhaomin salty.

The man is old, and his heart is not old, but man is poor.

A man doesn't have a thousand days to be happy, and a flower doesn't even have a hundred days to succeed.

Hornet takes a needle, and orange is divided into two sides.

The most hated thing in world is most poisonous and adulterous woman's heart.

Murder is forgiven, but reason is not.

When you're rich, you don't know how to use it, but when you're poor, it's hard to change an old family tradition.

The seats are always full, and wine in glass is not empty.

The house was leaking, it rained all night, and boat was hit by a headwind.

Bamboo shoots become bamboo because they fall off their scabbards, and fish turn into dragons becausebecause they are running.

I remember a boy riding a bamboo horse, and in blink of an eye he turned back into a pulsatilla.

Leas are born of abundance, and thieves are born of gambling.

All stars in sky lean towards north, and there is no water in world that does not look towards east.

A scientist dies for a confidant, and a woman seeks pleasure.

Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form.

A gentleman lives in poverty, but a wise man knows his fate.

Good medicine is good for illness, but a kind word is good for deeds.

Those who follow sky prosper, those who go against sky perish.

If you are destined to meet thousands of miles away, if you are not destined to meet you face to face.

The blessed prosper, but unfortunate perish.

A man dies for wealth, and a bird dies for food.

Husband and wife reconciled, harp and cane.

It's easy to make a delicate girl in fashion, but it's hard to be a good person without money.

He who has sons will not be poor for long, and he who has neither children nor daughters will not be rich for long.

Good will live long, evil will die early.

Cheap food often causes illness, and if you worry too much, you can get hurt.

Wealth should be based on debt and poverty should no longer be considered.

We draw water without wind and empty waves, although embroidery is good, it does not smell of fragrance.

If you are greedy for a bucket of rice, you will lose half a year's worth of grain.

If you fight for a pig, you will lose a sheep.

The return of dragon at night, clouds in cave are still wet, and musk deer passes through spring, and grass and trees are fragrant.

You can only say that there are few people in your life, why don't you turn around and measure yourself?

Seeing good is like ignoring it, and seeing bad is like examining soup.

People are poor and quick-tempered, and horses are thin and long-haired.

My own heart is in a hurry, but others are busy.

The impoverished gentlemen give gold, and sick give frisky recipes.

Don't compete with each other when you come into contact with each other.

In autumn, mountains are full of beautiful landscapes, and in spring flowers are everywhere.

Ordinary people cannot be judged by their appearance, and sea water cannot be measured.

Pure water is protected by earth, and rich people are wounded by wine.

There might be orchids under polynya, and there might be princes in Maoki's house.

An unlimited number of Zhu's disciples starved to death, and how many white houses came out of palace.

The universe is great in wine, but sun and moon are long in a pot.

Sit on a rock to sit on cold spring clothes, and step on flowers to return to smell of horseshoes.

Everything is decided in advance, and floating life is in full swing.

Called Yuezigui, mouthpiece is cold, and flowers, butterflies, dreams and souls are fragrantayut.

One word is worthless, and a thousand words are useless.

One man tells truth, but a hundred people tell truth.

It is better to have no disease than to have good medicine.

Goose feathers travel thousands of miles and gift is light and affection heavy.

The world is like a mirror, and future is dark as paint.

A gentleman is fraught with punishment, and a villain is fraught with profit.

The bowls on shelf turn over in turn, and daughter-in-law has her time to be a mother-in-law.

Life is like a horse passing by.

There are tens of thousands of hectares of fertile land and one liter of solar eclipse.

Thousands of buildings sleep eight feet at night.

Thousands of scriptures, filial piety comes first.

Heaven and earth, convenience above all else.

One word at public gate and nine bulls won't be able to get it out.

The eight-figure yamen opens to south, so don't go if you have a reason and no money.

If you want to do anything in world, you must use wealth of world.

Wealth starts with a rise and a close, but poverty doesn't count.

When you're near a river, you shouldn't waste water, and if you're near a mountain, you shouldn't waste wood.

There are no scientists in family, where are officials from?

Compassion does not govern soldiers, righteousness does not govern wealth.

One man guards gate, and ten thousand men cannot open it.

Not everything depends on people, and life is arranged by fate.

Baiyun was originally an unintended object, but wind carried it away.

Move slowly and hurry, take reverse and smoothness.

There is only such luck in hit, and there should be no mistakes.

Whispers in world are like thunder in sky.

The darkroom has an evil heart and eyes like lightning.

I advise people not to do slightest evil. A little kindness is convenient for others.

Victory over others is a disaster, forgiveness of others is a blessing, heavenly eyes are restored, and retribution is swift.

The words of sages, clothes of gods and ghosts.

Everyone has his own heart, and heart has its own views.

Talking is worse than hearing, hearing is worse than seeing.

When you see someone rich and respected, you are happy, don't burn your heart like a fire.

Raise soldiers for a thousand days and use them for a while.

During Qing Dynasty, talented people were expensive, and wealthy families were rich and young.

Sharp knives cut through body, but sores still remain, and I hate to offend people with bad words.

There is only gray hair in bright world, and nobles never let it go.

An outstanding talent, but too lazy to go out without clothes.

To be an official, you must be prime minister, and you must strive to be first.

A sapling grows out of ground, and a tree branches out from its branches.

There is a fire in house, and smoke is thickeningtsya.

Repay offense directly, and return kindness with gratitude.

Even though beauty is deceiving me today, she won't let you go when she has gray hair.

Ask where restaurant is and shepherd boy will point to Xinghua Village.

Father and son are in harmony with each other and family does not retreat, brothers and family are inseparable.

I don't know each other in cloud, but I meet you three thousand miles away.

Officers have public laws, while people have private contracts.

I don't usually burn incense, but I temporarily hold Buddha's feet.

I am lucky to live in peace and tranquility, I am afraid that I will not grow old for a long time.

A country in chaos thinks of a good general, a poor family thinks of a good wife.

The pond water must be protected from drought, fields are plowed deep enough to feed a family.

The roots are deep and not afraid of shaking wind, so why bother with shadow of moon when tree is right.

Win cat, lose cow leg.

A fool will gain something by worrying a lot, and a wise person will lose something by worrying a lot.

I start with people, listen to their words and believe their deeds.

Now I am among people, listening to their words and watching their actions.

Beauty is in eye of beholder.

Pearls sink in depths, rivers are beautiful, and jade and stones make mountains shine.

The setting sun is infinitely good, I'm afraid it won't last long.

When it rains after a long drought, an old acquaintance meets in a foreign land;

Love flowers in early spring, love moonlit nights and stay up late.

With moon in hand, clothes are filled with scent of flowers.

Peach red, plum white, pink purple, I don't know if I'll ask Dongjun.

Teach your sons and grandsons teachings, plant mulberries and plant fewer flowers.

Don't miss your hometown and live in a good place and you will make your home in depths of your kindness.

Learn from one person, apply it to thousands of people.

A teacher for a day, a father for life. Ungrateful, cattle.

Advise Jun Mo to fry vegetables in oil and leave them to read to children and grandchildren at night.

There are thousands of millet in book, and there is Yang Ruyu in book.

Don't blame sky and don't blame people, five elements and eight symbols are born.

Don't blame yourself for being poor, if you are poor you should be clean;

When others ride a horse, I ride a donkey. If you think about it, so do I.

Hungry people on road and leftovers at home. To accumulate virtue both in children and grandchildren, one must practice widely and conveniently.

Ghosts and gods who do good but are sent from heaven to do evil.

The accumulation of money and grain is not as good as accumulation of virtue, and purchase of fields and land is not as good as purchase of books.

One day of spring work and ten days of food, ten days of spring work and half a year of food.The lazy did not eat, but diligent and thrifty had plenty to eat.

If people are not close to each other with money, we must distinguish between money and profit.

Very smart, make seven points, often leave three points for children and grandchildren,

If you want to do your best, your children and grandchildren will be far away, and your children and grandchildren will be close to you.

A gentleman enjoys being a gentleman, but a villain is a villain in vain.

If a good scholar is a good scholar, son of a commoner will be a minister, and if scholar is bad, son of a minister will be a commoner.

If you care about money, don't teach your son, but if you defend your shortcomings, don't be a teacher.

Remember old article, this is a new example.

When a person sits at home, trouble falls from sky. But ask for a pure heart and do not be afraid of future disasters.

You can only greet people kindly, it is impossible to fight peacefully.

Loyalty has its rewards, and strong must be punished by officials.

When a person comes to Gongmen, he just needs to cultivate himself so that he leaves some of evil virtues behind. Why should you fight for supremacy? Once you lose your life, everything will stop.

The height of mountain is small, but human heart is higher than sky.

White water is turned into wine and sold, but pigs are fine.

Don't complain about poor, but don't be proud of precious either.

Good and evil are done by others;

I advise gentlemen to control themselves.

This is just for presentation, it's ok.

As they say, words are small, but meaning is deep.

Addition expanded and integrated into text.

There is nothing complicated in world until you concentrate.

Adults are not comfortable, not comfortable for adults;

Gold can only know its color by purifying it with fire, and you can know your heart when you make money with others.

Beggars have no food but laziness.

Industriousness and frugality are priceless treasures, and saving food is door to all miracles.

Save trouble and save money by not asking for help.

If there is no big trouble, there will be a big trouble if car is deep.

Kindness is greatest treasure, and it is used deeply.

Live in groups so that there is no mouth, and sit alone so that there is no heart.

If you are healthy and healthy, you will be rich.

Prodigal children spend money like dirt, and poor children turn their money into gold.

Wealth is not associated with heaven and earth, and unhappiness is not associated with ghosts and gods.

If you are poor for a while, you will never become poor if you keep up your duties.

Do not worship your parents or relatives, and brothers do not make friends with strangers.

People leave their names as they pass by, and geese leave their voices as they pass by.

When choosing a son, don't choose a father, and when choosing a relative, don't choose a neighbor.

Heartthe heart that loves wife is Lord, but heart that loves son is kinsman.

Everything starts from root, and lotus leaf connects heart.

Trouble and good in one door, and good and evil in one city.

Sake makes faces turn red, and money touches people's hearts!

It is better to repeat Buddha's name with a meaty mouth than to swear at others.

If you have money you can talk, but if you don't have money you can't talk.

How can this be as expected? But please be worthy of my heart.

Don't say your own well rope is short, but say others are deep.

If you love, you will be sick, and if you have no money, you will feel poor.

Only learn how to pour wine, don't learn how to play chess.

Don't pretend to be filial and you'll be a parent in no time.

Relax well and look forward to your awards, and look at your children and grandchildren only when you look back!

Open your mouth and release your spirit, and your tongue is right and wrong!

Playing piano is worth your nails, and talking is worth your energy.

Thousands of people buy fields, and ten thousand people become neighbors.

People may not get tired of what they say, and you may only listen to one-third of what you are obedient to.

Is there an ear nearby, no one outside window?

Wealth can be used to keep you healthy, and you should pay attention to it.

Alcohol does not protect virtuous, sex does not protect sick, wealth does not protect relatives, and anger does not protect life!

You should not be fickle for one day, and you will easily develop evil intentions when you are at rest!

In a hot and cold world, wealth is more important than poverty, envy, flesh and blood are more important than outsiders!

When melon is ripe, fruit will fall off naturally.

Mercy is given a horse, but buying and selling needles does not regret!

Food that is too much is delicious, but words that are too much are bad!

Tian Duo took care of everyone when he got tired of himself.

Fear trouble and endure trouble so that nothing happens;

How nice to be calm and not deceive your heart!

The Son of Heaven is Most High, but there is not too much reason, and reason and conscience prevail in world.

Don't say too many nice words, don't speak loudly if you have a reason!

Once power is in hand, order will be executed.

The sweet taste of licorice is edible, but lying is inaudible.

It does not matter on spot, but in vain later.

The poor shouldn't be at war with rich, and rich shouldn't be at war with government!

It is difficult to escape from hands of cunning officials from bureaucratic cleanliness, and there are few practicing Buddhists in yamen!

There are thousands of people in family, and one person is main one.

Father and son work hard to turn mountains into jade, and brothers work together to turn earth into gold.

Those involved are spellbound, but eyewitnesses are clear.

Strange people don't understand reason, and people who understand reason don't blame people.

Be rich before you get rich and never be rich and never be poor until you're poor and never be poor.

Get less when you lose less, win less when you lose less!

Think of lust when you're full and warm, and steal your heart when you're hungry and cold!

Mosquitoes get spanked because their mouths hurt people!

Too much desire hurts mind, and too much wealth tires heart!

It's good to have warm clothes, and safety of daughter is spring.

A son from a poor family, a loyal minister from a chaotic country!

Better to be dog of world than a chaotic man!

There are several ranks of people and several ranks of officials.

If law does not protect family, law does not serve people.

Those who respect themselves are respected by others, and those who treat others lightly are self-deprecating.

If you don't take care of yourself, you will disturb your neighbors.

Pleasant things are not happy, and they have been spoiled since ancient times due to failure.

Don't do things that harm your body, don't say sad things.

The villain has a fat mouth, while gentleman has a fat body.

The earth does not give birth to unknown people, and sky does not give birth to people without a path.

A sprout of dew and a sprout of grass, one emperor and one courtier.

Reading books you haven't read is like having a good friend, but seeing what you've read is like meeting an old friend.

If you're lucky, you should beware of misfortune.

Don't be afraid to die at thirty, be afraid only to remain unknown after death.

But those who know rivers and lakes are all poor people.

I'm not afraid that Fang Zhong will kill people, but I only know that there are no good people in Fang Zhong.

Speak long and short, it's better to talk about people long than short;

It's better to be kind than to be kind.

By cutting down forests and breeding tigers, tigers harm people.

Enemies are clutching their heads to death, and this issue needs to be resolved.

The roller shutters belong to swallows, and fans fly out.

Love mice often keeps food, feel sorry for moth lampshade gauze.

The life of man depends on sky, and life of things depends on people.

An adulterer cannot get along with his parents, and a thief cannot get along with his neighbors.

Thieves often gamble, and life often leads to adultery.

If you believe in slander, you will kill loyal ministers if you run country;

You don't need courtiers to run your country, and you don't need courtesans to run your family.

A good minister is treasure of country, and a good wife is treasure of family.

Steady does not roll, rolls unsteadily.

A son never thinks his mother is ugly,and dog never thinks that his family is poor.

A gentleman doesn't care about a thousand dollars, but a villain is annoyed by a dollar.

The nobles fight for each other in front of people.

You must know that world is deep and no one will make a sound.

Knowledge and stopping must come from error, and peace of poverty must be mind that forbids waste.

When you first enter industry, you will be successful in three years;

It was first time I ate steamed buns and that was three years ago.

There is no livelihood at home, and sitting and eating is like landslides.

The house has ten thousand hectares of fertile land, it is not as good as Bo Yi;

You can't support your family with more art, and you can't win if you chew your food.

Hit only Bahemi, and I'm not happy with Sheng when I travel around world.

Use your heart and mind to hurt yourself.

There is no empty space in country, and there are no idlers in world.

It is difficult to cure resentment and rebellious disease with a miraculous medicine, and people who are rich but not rich are poor.

Delaying spring by a year, ten years does not compensate for it;

People can grow anywhere, and grass can grow anywhere.

I can play three groups of drums and I need a few people.

People don't leave and don't kiss, and water doesn't get cloudy.

Three poor people and three rich people are less than old people, how many people will rise and fall in ten years!

Buy a real thing and discount will be small;

Don't be afraid to ask, just be afraid to ask.

People are not as good as goods, and high prices are not as good as mouths.

If you know how to buy, you are afraid of people, and if you know how to sell, you are afraid of people.

There are only sailors on boat, and poor relatives under feet of emperor.

If you know what to look for, you don't know where to go.

Practice one line per line;

If you're poor, don't lose your ambition; if you're rich, don't go crazy.

Heaven wants it to die, it must drive it mad first.

A man with a long tip is cocky, while a man with a short tip is nervous.

Don't be greedy for gain, long practice will become steel.

Despite fact that flowers in a vase are so beautiful, they are short-lived.

Get up early and wake up late.

Don't look to future, don't think about past;

When you come to meet friends, when you are sick, you meet cure.

The spring breeze brings summer rain to Bubu, and autumn breeze keeps everyone cool.

The sun with an umbrella, full of hunger.

When pot is full, there is no sound, but when it is half full, it rings.

Don't do anything to Julie and don't go where people fight.

Old doctors are obsessed with old diseases, and old medicines are wrong;

You must die in water, not on beachreg.

It is better to take less than give up wealth, and it is better to pass on a prescription than to distribute medicine.

The county judge was ugly when city wall was torn down, and girl was ugly when Mei Xiang was beaten.

Swallows do not enter door of sorrow, and mice do not enter short positions.

Flies do not bite seamless eggs, and rumors do not find prudent people.

If one person dies, it will be hard for ten thousand.

People fight for one breath, Buddhas fight for one stick of incense.

Doors are made for villains, but locks are made for gentlemen.

The tongue is bitten only for kneading, and teeth fall out of orbit.

First, stiff string of crossbow breaks, and steel blade wounds itself.

The name of a thief is difficult, and name of a turtle is difficult.

Others don't talk about good things, but they talk about bad things for a long time.

Men have no aspirations, pure iron and no steel, women have no aspirations, rotten grass and no flesh.

If you want to be a dragon at birth of a boy, you are afraid of becoming a deer, and if you want to be a phoenix at birth of your daughter, you are afraid of becoming a tiger.

Don't listen to wild words if you're adopting a son, and don't call your mother a divorce if you're adopting a daughter.

A man without education should be stupid, and a woman without education should be rude.

If you give birth to a boy, don't teach archery and crossbow, and if you give birth to a daughter, don't teach singing and dancing.

Learn bow and crossbow disasters on battlefield, learn to sing and dance to become a concubine.

Those who earn money are secretive, those who have money are few.

Marriage is wealth, path of husband and wife.

He who is charming is close, who is weak is rare.

Small reality is better than emptiness, cunning is worse than clumsiness.

It is better to have no battle than to win a hundred battles, and it is better to remain silent than a thousand words.

If you have money, do not hold a grudge and do not go against production. Enemies need to be tackled, not tied up.

When you are close to cinnabar you will be red, and if you are close to ink you will be black.

The tiger is sitting on top of mountain, and it is difficult for dragon to fight snake on ground.

Exit to see sky, enter door to see color of your face.

Sellers buy and sell as charity, and buying and selling is just as accumulation of virtue.

One is born, one is born on earth.

A family cannot become a family without three years of accumulation, and a country cannot become a country without nine years of accumulation.

A man with virtue is talent, a woman without talent is virtue.

It is difficult to buy good sons and grandchildren for money, and daughters are not invited to visit.

Men must marry when they are in college, and girls must be married when they are in college.

The virtue of modesty, being too modest is deceptive.

EUWhether you fall and rise alone, it is wrong to expect others to support you.

People do not know their shortcomings, and cattle do not know their strength.

The family is full and warm, and a thousand families complain, and nothing is enough to depend on a thousand families.

Discussing people face-to-face is most annoying thing, so let him say what is right and what is wrong!

He who has been a master for a thousand years will spread to 800 schools in blink of an eye.

A full batch of sesame seeds has leaked out, but oil is still in water!

The Emperor sits in Beijing and intelligently rules world.

Five hundred years ago, there was one family, and different ancestors also shared same China!

The school is as big as hall of government, and human feelings are bigger than king's law.

Finding money is like picking up dirt with a needle, and using money is like mixing sand with water!

You shouldn't have courage to hurt others, and you shouldn't have courage to defend yourself against others!

Don't worry about there being no way out, just be afraid not to.

You must look for work from roots, don't work on your face!

Unhappiness comes out of mouth, and diseases enter through mouth.

Health supplements are not as good as meat supplements, and meat supplements are not as good as food supplements.

Thinking is more harmful than drinking and having sex, and you will have to work hard every day and go to bed to breathe.

To be afraid of people is not good, but to be bullied is not a shame.

The ability to speak is not a real gentleman, a real man is to be kind!

Don't break law as a human being.

Sisters of same spirit, and brothers of same flesh and blood.

A loving mother often deceives her son, and a grumpy mother often deceives her husband!

A gentleman is in same boat thousands of miles away, but it's easy for a villain to stay behind a wall.

Wen and money drive hero to his death, but if money doesn't return to body, then nothing.

Wives are like clothes, brothers are like brothers and sisters.

It is easy to change clothes, but it is difficult to replace brothers and legs.

The thief is offended by his master, but he is not filial and is offended by his parents.

Convince people with words for a while and convince people with books for hundreds of generations.

I'm not as good as others, I'm not blessed, and I'm always happy when people aren't as good as me!

The one who raises gold, but never forgets lost gold, three copper taels and four blessed taels.

Hidden blessing: bet is sure to lose.

One word can cause misfortune to others, and one anger can destroy blessings of life.

Unpredictable things happen in sky, and people have good luck and misfortune.

If you are not having sex you should fast, if you are light and full you should be meat.

Slowness is a machine, and trouble is a blessing.

A man without a good friend does not know hisflaws, and a woman without a mirror does not know beauty of her face.

If you don't do it yourself, you don't know difficulty.

Easy to read in ten years, but hard to find in a hundred years!

The accumulation of money is not as good as accumulation of virtue, and idle sitting is not as good as reading.

Think about difficulties, but do it empty-handed - it's a blessing.

It is easy to borrow thousands of taels of silver, but it is difficult to transport half a jug of wine on credit.

Tianqing played Luoyupu and enjoyed blessings of old age when I was young.

It's convenient for others and it's convenient for you.

Leave a request in person so we can meet later.

It's easy to rob tigers in beginning, but it's hard to tell others.

Fingers should be turned inward, and family scandals should not spread outward.

The prodigal son is descended from virtuous ancestors, and reverent son is descended from virtuous predecessors.

Goods away from home are expensive, but people are cheap.

Trees move towards death, people move to live.

Every day at home is good, but it's hard to go out everywhere.

Three elders are officials, how many wise men are magistrates?

A wise man judges himself, but a fool judges himself.

People are afraid of meeting three times, and trees are afraid of one ink line.

The villager is as hard as iron, but bachelor is as soft as cotton.

If you're not a boatman, how dare you hold a pole!

There are an infinite number of rules of etiquette in world, one personKnowledge is limited.

One person cannot count two people, Song Jiang cannot marry thousands of people.

The family has three acres of land and is close to front of yamen, there are no strong men in village, and yamen is hungry.

Everyone observes etiquette, but there are no officials in world.

Yamen money, eye money;

Tianhe money, thousands of years old.

Poems and books should be read, not an official.

Don't be an official, all officials are ordinary.

If it were you and me, I might be greedier than he is.

The officials are clean and honest, like a spiritual practice, and convenience of sending books is like good deeds.

Rely on mountains to eat mountains, and farm to eat fields.

All delicious food is still salt, and silk clothing is still cotton.

If one husband does not farm, whole family will starve; if one woman does not poke, whole family will suffer from cold.

Gold and silver are not easy to come by, but hard to find when used.

Let's first talk about breaking, and then not screwing up, so as not to break roots.

If you heed advice, you'll get half of it.

Don't be afraid of slowness, just be afraid of standing.

Don't rush when you're fast, and don't be lazy when you're cheap.

People have to plan things, but God has to make things happen!

People working in a long-term perslong-term, take on burden, and those who work in short term earn money.

It is better to sell now than on credit.

Profit is considered forward, and loss backward.

Small businesses make a lot of money, and seventy-two lines make a lot of money.

I'm out of luck, but I blame world.

Courage is worse than timidity, and heart is as wide as a house.

If you have a good wife, why worry that your family is not rich?

Children don't die, wealth doesn't dissipate.

It's easy for me to make money, but it's hard for me to make money.

Sit on beach in October and visit nine beaches in one day.

Befriending one person is extremely difficult, but it takes time to offend one person.

Borrowing money to run a business, selling land to pay off debts;

Buy a house on credit and sell house to get your money back.

Ghosts age when temple is built, and ginger is sold when scales are lifted.

Don't turn around unless you're prostituting, don't look unless you're gambling.

Diet to get rid of diseases, eat less to prolong life.

Tofu is filled with water, too much tofu will destroy boat.

No mouth too good, no eyes too hard. No body is too easy, no heart is too difficult.

I will not complain about bends of rivers with water, and I will not plow fields to complain about shackles.

He can't ride a horse or hold a bow.

Know your heart, but listen to what you say.

Ning is imperfect in front of others, Mo is imperfect in front of others.

Don't talk nonsense if you can't see it with your own eyes.

Don't hit anyone in face or scold anyone.

A kind word says that three winters are warm, but words are not speculative, and June is cold.

It is difficult for a person to settle ten accounts, and it is difficult to pay tens of thousands of accounts.

To lend money is like giving, and to collect a debt is like asking for money. Sue for money, touch salt of seabed.

Yamen is as deep as sea, and its flaws are as big as sky.

Don't cheat with money, cattle and horses are not so easy to change.

A good person shouldn't be seen by others, and that doesn't cost a dime.

The dog bites enemy, and thunder strikes third generation.

If you don't sell incense, you won't have any money left, and if you don't pump water from well, you won't be able to fill it up.

Big things will lead to a garden, but things that are too long will lead to partiality.

It is easy for a tall man to seek low, and it is difficult for a short man to seek high.

If you have money, you are a man; if you have no money, you are a man.

There are over a hundred people and complete craftsmanship.

For those who find it difficult, it will not be, but for those who meet, it will not be difficult.

The ship is made of wood, but it's not as round as car.

If you can't be complete, you can't be complete. Birds can't stop flying, conversations don't stop.

If you don't like it, don't open store.

Do not choose a garden when choosing a son-in-law, and do not choose a dowry when choosing a daughter.

Bright women are so unhappy, and lucky ones are next to ugly ones.

People put etiquette and righteousness first, and trees grow flowers and fruit in their gardens.

Xu Xingshan was in danger, but his heart changed afterwards.

If you go against will of God, you can turn back, and if you decide your fate early, you can change your heart.

Forgiveness comes from lips of a thief, but there is no joke from lips of a gentleman.

The noble talk less, poor talk more.

Hurry up and think carefully, do not detain Mo Chichun.

After reading Gu Hua Tuo, it is better to see more symptoms.

The east house was not repaired and west house was broken and front bill was not paid and then delayed.

This year also shows that young are rich, and until next year everything will be much same.

There is no need to join forces if you are different.

Do not know that there is little peace and happiness in sitting, but there is much suffering in world.

This little gain is as strong as sitting on it, and water from eaves drips a lot.

Humility will be of great benefit if you diligently and economically dispose of family wealth.

Small things break all time, while yellow plums never fall and green plums never fall.

A thief is a thief when he sees money, and a robber is a thief when he takes a sheep with his hands.

Be happy and don't look for trouble. Be a long-liver, do not do transient things. To have offspring, do nothing.

If you don't know anything, you won't gain wisdom.

Better to be out of money than out of business.

To plant trees you must plant pines and cypresses, and to make friends you must educate gentlemen.

A scientist can know affairs of world without leaving home.

Too much money is useless, and kids are dying to die.

Brothers always fight for wealth and family, and wives and concubines fight for sex, and there is no end to husband.

Men have ambition, women have power.

When my wife dies, a hundred generals will come to door, but general will not die.

The drought misses Jiazi, and poor miss their speech.

There aren't many days in a hundred years, how long can time last?

Parents support their bodies and they fulfill their own ambitions.

When you have free time to help others, you won't have time to help others; when you have free time to read, you will not have time to read.

This book is being passed down to future generations, and every sentence should be read carefully. Among them, etiquette and righteousness, I advise world.

Study hard, study hardwork, travel world like a blade.

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