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My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth

I am a person who loves poetry, including ancient and modern Chinese and foreign. In high school and college, I wrote many poems, including ancient poetry and modern poetry. I wrote many times, but in end there is no news. After graduating from university, I was mostly busy with work and creating self-media, that is, I did not have time to write poetry. Now, when I publish these contemporary poems, it is tantamount to publishing them for myself.

Dedicated to stars

Starry sky compared to sea

Then earth is just a grain of sand

Me and people living on earth

It can only be considered as hard-to-see dust

I want to let my hair down

Bosin feet and worship You

When I crawl on ground like a baby

I heard breath of crops

This is your mysterious voice

When I was a hunter traveling plateau

I will see a beast howling at moon

Is this a gift for you?

Maybe someday

I am a priest

Looking at you from a distant altar

Thinking about your secret

An attempt to measure distance between Sun and Earth

I will build temples and make calendars

Proclaim your faith to all beings

Hurrah country, animals are dancing

Perhaps thousands of years ago

I'm a philosopher

Walking around world like crazy

Tell people uncomfortable truth

That's what you said to me in my dream

This is wisdom of all people

However, most likely

I'm just a wanderer

Hungry, thirsty and tired on desert land

Even hopeless

You tell me treat yourself like a plant

Grow happily on ground

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
mystery of time

I am a young dreamer

If you ask where I'm from

I'm telling you,

I come from desert of time

The wind carved marks on my face,

The sand brought tears to my eyes.

I'm sleepy, hungry,

I have one faithful horse left,

Since we met here

Well then, I'll give it to you,

He will take you to sky of dreams,

The sky is full of imagination about future.

If you want to know where I'm going,

I can only tell you

I'm going to desert of time,

Time is an ancient secret,

How many people want to find traces of him?

As soon as a lot of people leave, there is no news

However, people say

My words are wonderful, but they have no basis,

Since we met here

Let me take you as a witness once.

This is a journey full of dreams and expectations

The sand will see our footprints,

The wind will blow away our backs

However, time will turn me and you into fossils,

Freeze our dreams for eternity,

Proof of aging that no one knows about


My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth

Rapeseed is blooming, and fields are covered with gold.I'll take you on a bicycle,The scent of flowers on your forehead. Among fields, I forgot where I came from,Between fields, a river quietly flows. At end of river there will be a village. This could be where we live in seclusion.

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
the meaning of word snow

I want to send you a white snowflake

He's so clean and so fragile

I think it will float in air

lays quietly on your beautiful eyelashes

When you blink unintentionally

He imperceptibly dissolves into your gentle world

I think north wind is my faithful messenger

Across a thousand mountains and rivers and countless nights of being lost

Finally, it came to your window

You may still be dreaming

He silently prepared a surprise for you

Opening window, you see a miracle

The north where I wandered is so far away

Look at snow, doesn't it come from north every year?

Who is he on a secret date with?

Though his life is so short

Looking at snowflakes, it seems that they are falling into heart

Perseverance has created the miracle of dreams

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
Where does Songhua River flow?

This is a peaceful land

The winter sun enveloped endless snow and ice

All mountains and plains are peaceful

The Songhua River flows calmly through towns and villages

Red house flowing through a beautiful coniferous forest

Unknown place

Winter is not time for agriculture

Fishermen, despite wind and snow, found a familiar fishing spot

Sharp harpoon in hand

Reminds me of a nation on horseback

One hundred battles without a name, return home with glory

The blood of countless ancestors soaked into ground

In long river of history, destruction, oblivion

Only Songhua River still flows calmly

It flows into distance, it's a warm harbor

Hometown where nation cannot return

In winter, fishing boats on Songhua River lean against shore

I look forward to spring when glaciers melt and we can set sail

Winter sleep slumbering in bowels of earth

Listen, water hits ice, it rings

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
The train passes through land of China

The train passes through China

Old and worn green leather car

Sing a sad song

Crushing Ridge of China

A train passing through forest and snowfields in northeast

With cooling of Siberia

To south, to warm south

In winter, whole north brings desolation

Train like a tired camel

Better than a tired train

Not thoughts and wanderings of poet

This is farmer in corner of wagon

Thousands of years of history

They have cultivated yellow earth for generations

They turned south into a barn

They are tired enough

However, now they have harvested grain

On streets of city again

In an era of lack of spirituality

Feeding earth for city

The train passes through an abandoned village

After a heavy snowfall

The fields are barren, leaves are gone, and birds are flying

But don't they give hope?

Imagine next spring

The train passes through rapeseed flowers in south, and mountains are golden

Imagine next summer

The train moves through desert in north, wind drives waves of wheat

At this time, poet should sing for him

Sing a beautiful modern rural landscape

On land bathed in moonlight

Only farmers silently look this way

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
old tree in village

Autumn wind blows over hills

Clouds float across sky

Dust rising from ground

The grass pegs in field shake slightly

Autumn wind blows into this dilapidated village

An old tree stands on road at entrance to village

Looking up and looking away

Are you watching me go home?

In evening, children graze cattle and return to village

The moon lights up village

Like an ancient well

An old tree always stands at entrance to village

The branches tremble slightly in wind

Preservation of ancient well

Save my heart

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth


I don't know where to blow reed pipe,

One night, we recruited people who were looking forward to their hometown.

Sand looks like snow under moonlight

The smoke cleared at dusk

The whole desert has returned to calm

Who is on tower in distance

I played familiar Qiang flute

Sorrowful, resentful, drawn into autumn wind

All soldiers fell asleep with their armor

Hands and feet are cold as iron

No boy

This is Populus euphratica in border fortress

Year after year, face to face with wind and sand

Even bones can be buried in ground

Under moonlight

I want to raise my glass

But tomorrow's military affairs cannot be postponed

When Huns are gone, brothers

Drunk in Jiuquan

I'm thinking about my hometown tonight

Like parents at home

The wife and children are good at home

Now my hair is turning gray

Wait and say you're not old

I raise my longbow

Inspection of abandoned barracks

Everyone says I'm a cool guy

Lots of courage

Now I want to ride a horse

Write down my sad poem

The life of a soldier and a horse, a hundred battles on battlefield

If I didn't come back

Please remember mountains and rivers with me

Weeds under Great Wall of China every year

Green land stretches to end of world

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
after earthquake

How many emotions do I have left after earthquake?When earth is mercilessly torn apart againWhen house is shattered into pieces again?How much more can my callous heart take?When I saw flower lives, buried in an instantWhen I saw child, helpless eyes of old manAnd dog that lost its ownerI was very touchedBut who can keep repeating same When rescue scenes are broadcast live on TVWhen miracle of life is constantly stagedI'm really in shockBut my tears are not endlessI will stay after tears More time to thinkYes, house after earthquake will be restoredand it will be ten times better than before, a hundred times betterIt will also become a landmarkBut how can life be restored br>Will people's hearts be restoredIf you think it's just a natural disaster Then tragedy will repeat foreverIf attention always comes after tragedyThen whole country must take turns Shake once Don't always show your strength after a disasterWhat we need is a house with a sense of security

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
summer night starry sky

Stars are bricks and stonesThe sky is full of sky, it's a summer nightOur dreams are floating in skyIt seems that we can catch them with our handsSummer night >Silent night, sky like a dome enveloping surrounding fields, like mountains and riversUnder starry skyCrickets play a symphony of nature sounds breath of life floats on earthAfter a hundred years there will still be a summer nightKudzu is born in wild nature, and grass is luxuriant

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
dedicate a poem

Please don't be sad for day I left

Like you, I suffer a lot

Especially in this prosperous mid-spring

A brook flows happily through flowers

Magpies sing in forest

Fast beat, why don't you mobilize my emotions?

And I'm far away, with token you gave me

Cherish original oath

I think about how we walk along path where flowers bloom

Relaxing in shade by lake

Let's walk hand in hand, just

Just a few words and you will smile with all your heart

This smile is more beautiful than any delicate flower in garden

Although my expression is hard and a little cold

But I can't hide enthusiasm in my heart

If you could hear

I want to play lyre and sing at night

Tell me, we planted an acacia

Quietly taken root in garden

Statue of Confucius

A light wind is like a thin veil,

In haze Ipomoea is half drunk and half awake.

Sounds of small birds are as soft as Wu Nong.

Creamy young leaves tremble slightly,

Quietly revealed secret of morning light.

In corner is a statue of Confucius

He stroked his beard lazily.

On green lawn,

The tip of grass shakes off some of dew.

Students slowly enter library,

Three Classics, Confucius Analects, Tang Verses, maybe

Only this old building has a small memory.

The impetuosity gradually filled air,

It gently beats in a lonely heart.

After a long time, calm was finally broken

Several girls came to this corner,

Fights and noises are heard, accompanied by cheerful singing of birds

I took a picture with Confucius.

Blonde hair, shorts, high heels...

Classic charm with a touch of fashion

Like a bullet hitting blue and white porcelain

History collapses in an instant,

Confucius is still standing in corner

Before dusk, weather changes dramatically

I feel like I've traveled through thousands of years

Let's wash in misty rain

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
qixi festival

During Qixi Festival, night sky is calm,

Grapes fill my yard.

You have filled bamboo basket,

All cute stars.

The stream in front of door flows quietly,

The evening wind gently blows aroma of early autumn.

On this harvest day

The Shepherdess and Weaver are about to meet in sky.

I want to sit with you under vine,

Listen to whisper of a magpie.

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
we are young

We are tiny fireflies

Forget about brevity of life

Pick up weak lantern

Meet in dark

We are strong moths

Free yourself from shackles of fate

Explode wounded wings

In rain and wind

My original poems: When I am old, I will open them and remember my youth
decorate night

I will decorate a peaceful night,

No need for distant legends,

No sad incidents,

I'm going to decorate night.

I want to cover moon with silver,

Scatters frosty shadows across ground.

I want to blush maple leaves,

Spray gold dust on autumn breeze.

Give Xiaohe more stars

Light some fishing lanterns on boat.

ripple, ripple,

All that floats are gentle dreams.

Maybe you could put some green fireflies in,

The distant sound of a flute is heard.

But I'm afraid decoration is too great,

Just leave lonely deserted.

I'm going to decorate night,

Don't go to Wuzhen in south of Yangtze River,

Don't go to Xiaoxiang Ancient City either.

I'm going to decorate an ordinary and calm evening.

silent night

The wind is master of moodDraws love curtain at nightGently lifts shabby bookmarkI can't help but praise her tendernessMoonlight is cure for melancholy br>I shot down arsenic in a dream< br>Let me carefully sip from glassbrew a beautiful jar of sentimentality

These are raindrops after autumnwhen everything is quietbeat this empty yardthis is past that I can't hear

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