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The Il Khanate Ghazan Khan gene belongs to latest O2 forum news.

1. Event start

First of all, Ghazan Khan's gene belongs to O2, this is not an official scientific article and is not taken from an official academic database. Posted by netizen Ilgara on May 31, 2020

The Il Khanate Ghazan Khan gene belongs to latest O2 forum news.

He wrote in post:

Ghazan Khan (heir to Genghis Khans)O-M175/ancientDNA

(Translation: Ghazan Khan - Successor of Genghis Khan, O-M175/Ancient DNA)

Currently, Iranian scientists are conducting dozens of analyzes of ancient DNA of khans and shahsins of Iranian region, and it turns out that direct descendant-great-grandson of Genghis Khan Ghazan is O2. to reveal in 2022.

(Translation: Recently, Iranian scientists have been studying ancient DNA of dozens of khans and shahs in ancient Iran (shah is Iranian title of monarch), and it is now concluded that gene of Genghis Khan's direct great-grandson Ghazan Khan is O2, including full results, including this , planned to be published in 2022)

(Note from author: There is a slight flaw in post. Ghazan Khan is not great-grandson of Genghis Khan, but grandson of Genghis Khan in fifth generation. Genghis Khan>Torre>Xu Levu>Abaha> Alukhun> Ghazan)

The Il Khanate Ghazan Khan gene belongs to latest O2 forum news.

The name of author of post is Ilgar, and he indicates his information on forum as:

Location: Azerbaijan Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, Baku

Ethnicity: black sheep

Nationality Nationality: Azeri

Paternal Y-DNA: J1 P58>ZS1706>ZS7071

Maternal mtDNA: J

Maternal Y-DNA: O-M175 O2A1

Second, latest progress of this forum post

Since post was posted on May 31, 2020, many netizens have replied 37 times, and last reply was on July 2, 2021

A large number of responses and requests have been made by Chinese netizens, including GhaziDu (tagged Hui due to ethnicity), adriyu, yungsiyebu, YUANYING and other Chinese netizens.

The Il Khanate Ghazan Khan gene belongs to latest O2 forum news.

After May 31, 2020 post, Ilgar's poster explained if news was true and also said these ancient genes on 3rd floor (May 31st) and the 8th floor (May 31st) It also has a J in it.

The Il Khanate Ghazan Khan gene belongs to latest O2 forum news.

However, after May 31, 2020 (post date), poster did not respond to subsequent messages, although netizens continued to ask about progress and authenticity.

All 37 answers are attached at end of this article.

The author noticed that author of post, Ilgar, posted 95 messages in May 2020, and at moment (August 2022) number of messages is 112, that is, after posting this message, he is still active on forum Reply to other messages, but did not answer questions from netizens in this post, which is disappointing.

3. Some controversy about Ghazan Khan's gene as O2

#1: Authenticity of this news

What is authenticity of posting in a public forum like message board? Apparently, authenticity of this Azeri netizen Ilgar has been called into question by some posters, especially his frivolous mistake in describing O2 as M175, which is indeed suspicious. In addition, practice of not answering questions and doubts after publication of article on May 31 is also suspicious.

Judging by name, netizen Ilgar has same root il as root of name Ilkhanat Ilkhanate. It is assumed that this person may be a fanatical admirer of Ilkhanate, and his matriarchal family turns out to be O2 -M175 (his spelling).

But I personally think this netizen might know something. We suggest everyone to trust more and wait for his news to develop.

NO.2: Is Ghazan Khan biological son of Alukhun Khan?

Some Iranian historians doubt origin of Ghazan Khan, as well as origin of Jochi. This netizen named Ilgar said that Ghazan Khan's gene is suspected of making fun of Ghazan Khan?

The Prime Minister of Il-Khanate, Rashit, recorded in Historical Collection that next to Ghazan Khan's mother, Kultak, was a Chinese servant named Ishinq (or doctor), who should be close to a man. The Duerb tribe accompanied her from China to Persia. A Chinese servant named Yisheng/Doctor had a very close relationship with Ghazan Khan's mother, and his wife (Mokhalijan) later became Ghazan Khan's nurse,

Ordinary servants are of low status and are never valued or recorded, but it is very unusual for a Historical Compendium to specifically record this in detail. Historians suspect that Rasht, who is prime minister, knows some court secrets. To make matters worse, Ghazan Khan's father (Arukhun) was born Ghazan Khan at age of 13, and it is also questioned whether he can be a father at such a precocious age.

If DNA of Ghazan Khan and other rulers of Ilkhanate is found to be different this time around, audience will indeed eat a large melon.

#3. Did DNA of Ghazan Khan and Wanje Du Khan get mixed up on poster?

After publication of this post, people began to suspect that they had made a mistake in DNA analysis.

According to introduction of Mausoleumto her Oljaytu in Iran, when Timur's empire invaded Soltania, capital of Ilkhanate, it destroyed all tombs of ancient sultans, leaving only ancient Ilkhanate. Mausoleum of Sultan (Khan) - mausoleum of Oljaytu. (As shown below)

The Il Khanate Ghazan Khan gene belongs to latest O2 forum news.

Since Ghazan Khan has no male descendants, and later all khans of Ilkhanate are descendants of Wanjadu, and only ancient Sudanese tomb is only Wanjadu, so where can I get Ghazan Khan's DNA? ? Should Ghazan Khan's DNA belong to Vanjed? (They are all Khezan's younger brothers, Khezan has no son, and his younger brother replaced post of khan)

I personally think there might be more information about Ghazan Khan's tomb, but I did a search on database of English archaeological documents, but there is no news that Ghazan Khan's tomb has been found.

Screenshots of all post discussions are in Replies section.

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