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Patriarchal lineage in Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan (former leftist Chinese Khitan tribe)

1. Internal 4 last names

The Kyrgyz people are traditionally divided into two parts: internal 4 surnames and external 30 surnames.

Internal 4 surnames form core of 18 tribes, numbering about 2.5 million people, mainly settled in southern part of Kyrgyzstan Man), Teiert (Thie Le), Xeyk (Sek), Toolos (Chuo Ross).

Second, external 30 last names

30 external surnames, mostly common in northern part of Kyrgyzstan, with a population of about 2.9 million people.

30 external surnames can be divided into left and right ones, and there are many more right ones than left ones. The rightists live in central and northwestern parts of Kyrgyzstan. The left wing lives in east.

Five largest tribes under right wing: Tagai (Tagay), Mungush (Mongolia), Karachoro, Adygin (Andijan) and Narshichk.

The Tagay (Tagay) tribe, with a population of over 1 million people, is largest tribe among Kyrgyz. Tagay means "uncle" in Kyrgyz language. This tribe worships deer, and below are 13 small branches of tribe. . . . The other two tribes, Mungush (Mongols) and Adyghins (Andijans), are descended from Mongols, and sub-branches below them include famous ancient Mongolian tribes such as Mangits (Menwuti) and Ongriat (Hongji).

Left Wing is main character that will be introduced today. It has a small number of people and lives in Naryn (Naryn) in northern part of eastern Kyrgyzstan. The left wing has a small number of people and only one tribe. called Hitai has a very large population. There is also an offshoot tribe called Tabach (Tuoba or Peach Blossom Stone) under Khitan tribe. The peach blossom stone was once name Central Asians used to call China.

Third, Y chromosome in Khitan tribe

The 2015 article "Y-Chromosome Origin Clusters and Male Differential Reproductive Success: Young Lineage Expansion Dominates Asian Pastoral Nomadic Populations" has data on paternal data of Y Kyrgyz in Naryn (Naryn), due to origin of China. (Hita) This tribe is main tribe in area, and basically these people can be considered to be paternal descendants of Khitan tribe.

Patriarchal lineage in Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan (former leftist Chinese Khitan tribe)

Samples were collected in areas of Northern Dzhank and Northern Dobo of Naryn region (Naryn), a total of 42 individuals.

Y-chromosome position C2-M217(21), C2n-M77(3), J(2), L(1), O2(3), Q(1), R1a(11).

Compared to known Y data of ancient Khitan, it seems that there is less N-type here (the supposed Yelu family type), but its high proportion of C2 (57.1%) has a close relationship with ancient Xianbei and other ethnic Donghu. groups are connected. In addition, this tribe has 7.1% O2, which is not small for Central Asia.

4. Comparison with Kyrgyz of other regions (tribes)

Compared to data for other regions of Kyrgyzstan, including Kyrgyz in our country, Khitan tribe in Kyrgyzstan is very different from other tribes.

In data of "Dual origin of northwestern Chinese Kyrgyz: admixture of Bronze Age Siberian Y-chromosomes and medieval Niru'un Mongolian Y-chromosomes", Kyrgyz of Kyzylsui Autonomous Region of China account for 28.6% of C2 and 28.6% of R1a. 46.4%, O1 and O2 together accounted for 3.2%. In Kyrgyz ethnic group in Urumqi, C2 accounted for 18%, R1a accounted for 56%, O1 accounted for 2%, and there was no O2 type.

According to article "Relationship between genetic cultural and geographical landscapes of Maverannakhr", C2 coefficients in central, eastern, northwestern and southwestern regions of Kyrgyzstan are 27.5%, 14.3%, 10.8% and 30% respectively, while C2 among Khitans reaches 57.1%. The R1a of these four regions was 45.0%, 65.8%, 59.4% and 45.0% respectively, while Khitan tribe only had 26.2%. The difference between Khitan tribe in Naryn region and other Kyrgyz tribes is very obvious.

O in four regions and Naryn state (Khitans) are: 10.0%, 0, 8.1%, 5.0%, 7.1% respectively, difference is not obvious.

The picture below (image of Khitans on frescoes of Liao tomb)

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