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How important is outer northeast to China, not just 12,000-kilometer coastline

The Outer Northeast Region is land ceded to Russia after Second Opium War. In 1858, Russia forced Qing Dynasty to sign "Treaty of Aigong", ceding 600,000 square kilometers of land south of Waixing'an Mountains and north of Heilongjiang. In 1860, Russia forced Qing dynasty to sign "Peking Treaty", ceding 400,000 square kilometers of land east of Ussuri River, including Sakhalin Island. The total area of ​​these lands has reached 1 million square kilometers, while area of ​​the three northeastern provinces today is only 780,000 square kilometers.

Outer northeast map

With loss of outer northeast, China has lost 12,000 kilometers of coastline. Today's Northeast China can only go to sea in Liaoning. Jilin Province used to be region with longest coastline in China, but now Jilin can only look at ocean and sigh. In Hunchun, Jilin, you can only see Sea of ​​Japan, but there is no access to sea. Heilongjiang was originally one of three largest rivers in China: it was second only to Yangtze and Yellow River in length, volume of water was second only to Yangtze and Pearl River, and catchment area ranked first. Today, Heilongjiang flows into Russia, and Heilongjiang Province has lost geographical conditions for combined river-sea transport.

In outer northeast region, there are many names that China misses so much, such as Vladivostok, Shuangchengzi, Hailanpao, Khabarovsk, Tlin, etc., but now they have been changed to Vladivostok and Ussuriysk, Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk, etc. e. If these cities continue to belong to China, then Tlin will become a port city at mouth of Heilongjiang, Khabarovsk will become an important water transport hub city in Northeast, and Vladivostok will become most convenient port for access to sea in Northeast . ... The northeast will be connected to North Sea and Sea of ​​Japan. Closely related, economy will be revived.


There is also a beautiful island in North Sea called Sakhalin Island, which has now been renamed Sakhalin Island. This island was once largest island in China, with an area of ​​70,000 square kilometers, twice size of island of Taiwan. The island has a 141-meter high Ilya-Muromets waterfall, a large number of lakes and wetlands, and is a paradise for tourism development. If Hainan is China's winter tourism win, then Sakhalin Island could be a holy summer destination.


The plain along Heilongjiang River in outer northeast is part of Northeast Plain, where land is fertile. Since Russia has not developed land along coast on a large scale, ecology of this area is still very good. The forest cover here is extremely high, and forest area reaches 700,000 square kilometers. The mineral resources here are very rich, including oil, coal, gold and so on. If this place can be effectively developed, it will certainly become a new grain base and an important economic center in Northeast.

Another important resource in Outer Northeast is water. The southern part of Northeast China suffers from severe water shortages, but amount of water in Heilongjiang is second only to Yangtze and Pearl River. Every year water flows away in vain and flows into North Sea. If outer northeast belongs to China, then large-scale water conservation projects can be built to mobilize water from lower reaches of Heilongjiang to replenish Songhua, Neng, and Liaohe river basins, so that north-south water diversion will not be a dream, and industrial Liaoning's production and agricultural production use water can be guaranteed, and problem of desertification in upper reaches of Liaohe River can also be effectively controlled.

With Outer Northeast, China's right to speak in Northeast Asia will be greatly improved. Starting from mouth of Heilongjiang River and sailing to northeast, nearest routes to Canada and USA pass. An undersea tunnel could be built between Sakhalin Island and Japan's Hokkaido, and a high-speed train runs directly from northeast China to Japanese archipelago. Owning outer northeast, mouth of the Tumen River was also opened, and both sides of North Korea became China and will pay more attention to relations with China.

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