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Why is Washington not king? Actually, it has nothing to do with "great"

On May 22, 1782, Irish-born Colonel Lewis Nicholas wrote a letter of "persuasion" to Washington. Complaining about unfair treatment of army, he believed that making Washington king could solve these problems. Question: "Thus, head of regime I proposed has an apparently moderate title, but once other issues are resolved, I think there is a good reason to take title of king."This is only definite title that can be found so far. Record " persuasion" of Washington.

Of course, Washington refused without hesitation. Many people said that reason Washington refused was because Washington was too big, noble, defending civil rights, and was a virtuous saint who could overcome temptation of power. Didn't Washington want to be king just because he was great? Or ask another question, if Washington really wanted to be a dictator, could he do it? In fact, it's impossible to do this at all, if you don't believe me, just look at it from point of view of "political power grows out of muzzle."

Why is Washington not king? Actually, it has nothing to do with "great"

In 1763, after Great Britain had won Seven Years' War with France, governor of Massachusetts declared that "nothing can dispel natural, almost mechanical love for Britain in hearts of colonial people."

In 1773, just ten years later, famous Boston Tea Party broke out in Boston, capital of Massachusetts, and became fuse of North American Revolutionary War.

At heart of dramatic change in relations in North American colonies was money. Ten years ago, British defeated French and expanded their colonies in North America. What is more remarkable is that Britain took over military expenses, so governor of Massachusetts gave Britain most beautiful praise. But landlord family had no surplus food, and Britain still had to transfer military funds to North American colonies, and eventually Boston Tea Party broke out.

To respond to punitive laws passed by British Parliament and protect interests of North American colonies, thirteen colonies in North America held first Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and Washington was elected as Virginia's representative to take part in that meeting. The purpose of First Continental Congress was to submit a petition from emperor and work out a bill for boycott of British goods. Armed resistance had not yet reached point. Washington, as representative of Virginia, returned after meeting.

Why is Washington not king? Actually, it has nothing to do with "great"

April 19, 1775, British troops stationed in Boston learned that John Adams, anti-British leader in Boston, was in Lexington, so they planned to capture John Adams and destroy armory at Concord, militia base. , but was ambushed by local militia near town of Lexington and lost 286 people, which extremely angered British mainland.

After Battle of Lexington, North American colonies immediately held Second Continental Congress, in which Washington attended in uniform and was only representative in uniform. The Assembly adopted "Olive Tree Petition", expressing their loyalty to king and avoiding a break with Britain, but Britain rejected it. George III declared that North American colonies were in a state of rebellion, and then sent troops to suppress it. . At this point, North American colonies had no way to retreat and could only rise up in resistance, so on June 14 of this year they decided to form a joint military force for colonies, "Continental Army", and appointed Washington as commander in chief.

The reason Washington was named commander-in-chief of "Continental Army" was mainly due to recommendation of John Adams (see picture below), and key reason Adams recommended him was that Washington served in British army. More importantly, representatives of state of Southern Virginia wanted southern colonies to cooperate with northern colonies to form a coalition. The best thing was to recommend a person from southern colonies as commander-in-chief.

Why is Washington not king? Actually, it has nothing to do with "great"

The Continental Army is new rookie army. Soldiers serve no more than six months, and there is a serious shortage of enlisted officers. In second year of war, those who owned farms and families mostly left, leaving mostly immigrants and unemployed people who had just arrived in North America. In terms of quality of its soldiers, it is not as good as local militia. it can be said that this is a crowd, and its number never exceeded 30,000 people, which is less than half of establishment.

Before Revolutionary War, Britain stationed 8,000 troops in North America with an average service life of over 7 years.

In short, in terms of logistics, command, equipment, training, quality of personnel and military experience, North American Continental Army is inferior to British Army, and military reason for independence of North America lies in French help, especially in final battle of Yorktown , friendly forces of Continental Army - French army is real main force.

Although Continental Army in North American colonies was inferior to British army, there are a number of objective reasons for Washington's mediocrity, but it should be noted that Washington's tactics were nothing special, neither innovative, nor any influence on military history. And he made huge mistakes in many battles, so he was by no means a military genius. His qualities of faithful service, taking orders in face of danger, courageously overcoming difficulties, honesty and honesty have indeed earned him a great reputation, but if he wants to be a founding emperor with great power, this is difficult to achieve. his expectations without outstanding military capabilities.

Why is Washington not king? Actually, it has nothing to do with "great"

More importantly, at that time, in addition to Continental Army, United States also had an important military force - local militias totaling hundreds of thousands of people in hands of various state governments.

According to North American tradition, every able-bodied male of a suitable age must join militia and undergo certain military training, which is determined by environment of living surrounded by enemies in North American colonies. Since North American colonies were independent of each other and roads were not very smooth, colonies kept their doors open and only hastily formed Continental Army when crisis came. However, due to existence of localism, many militias were ready to attack British army in their home cities, but did not want to join Continental Army. Therefore, Continental Army was always unhappy with its creation and lacked quality soldiers. . In most of battles of Revolutionary War, it was British Army that launched offensive and was viciously attacked and harassed by militias, just like guerrilla warfare in China's later generations. By time Washington led Continental Army to arrive, British Army was exhausted .

Why is Washington not king? Actually, it has nothing to do with "great"

We all know that power comes from barrel of a weapon! Washington is only commander-in-chief of Continental Army, not commander-in-chief of all North American armies. Even if Continental Army of 20,000-30,000 serves him faithfully, what can Washington do in face of hundreds of thousands of local militias? Moreover, logistic support of Continental Army is controlled by Parliament, what can an army do without logistic support? When Second Continental Congress formed Continental Army, it had already established basic principle of parliamentary control of military. The Continental Army will not be Cromwell's cavalry, will not have personal allegiance to Washington and logistical dependence on colonial supplies.

Knowing this, we can understand why Washington obediently accepted order when United Congress of North American Colonies urged disbandment of Continental Army after Revolutionary War. The reason lies in existence of hundreds of thousands of local militias. As soon as Washington insists on proclaiming himself king and emperor and wants to become a political force, he can immediately face ruin and be immediately overthrown.

Why is Washington not king? Actually, it has nothing to do with "great"

In short, if you really understand military situation in North America at that time, you will understand that Washington has no chance to claim title of king and emperor.

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