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Based on tomb remains: a comparison of stature of ancient Han and Wuhu

From 2015 article "Study of Height of Adult Residents of Han, Tang and Song Dynasties in Zhengzhou Area" written by Sun Lei and Zhu Hong in 2015, a comparison of height of Han people can be made. in ancient Central Plains and Wuhu people on frontier during Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties.

Based on tomb remains: a comparison of stature of ancient Han and Wuhu

Judging by physical characteristics of remains of tombs, skull features of Han and Qiang in ancient Central Plains belonged to ancient Central Plains type, while southern Xiongnu and Xianbei belonged to North Asian type. Mongolian highlands.

No Caucasoid elements were found in human bones of Xiongnu and Xianbei, in addition, there is no data for Jie people in ear.

Based on height comparisons, Han people in Central Plains tend to be taller (167–171 cm), followed by Qiangdi people in northwest China (166 cm), while Xianbei and Xiongnu in North Asia are shorter (164 cm) . -165cm). During Wei and Jin dynasties, Han and Qiang people were taller, while Xianbei and Xiongnu were shorter, which is very different from tall and majestic images of Wuhu people in some literary works.

The conclusions in original text about comparison of heights of Xiongnu Xianbei and Han people in Central Plains are as follows:

The Pingyang Formation, which may be Tuoba Xianbei and her ancestors, is most closely related to Wangong Formation of Eastern Han Dynasty, and identity of Wangong Formation may be Tuoba Xianbei or Xiongnu; Jinggouzi Formation and Xingdianzi Formation belong to Shepherds who traveled south to Great Wall in northern China during Eastern Zhou Dynasty, probably eventually joining Xiongnu alliance at end of Warring States period; Dabaodang group originated from Shenmu Dabaodang cemetery of Han Dynasty in Shaanxi. In terms of nomadic life, skulls of Dabaodang Formation mostly have characteristics closer to those of Mongol race in North Asia, so inhabitants of Dabaodang city must be Huns who descended from Han Dynasty from late Western Han Dynasty. The Xiongnu joined it, some southern Xiongnu were mixed in[36]. In Table 5, average height of men from Pingyang, Xingdianzi, Jinggouzi, and Dabaodang formations is 164.31 cm, 164.76 cm, 165.59 cm, and 164.86 cm, respectively, which is significantly lower than average height of men living in city of Paleocentral flat type.

Based on tomb remains: a comparison of stature of ancient Han and Wuhu

Male subgroup data is as follows: cm

[Han Chinese]

Henan Xinzheng Eastern Zhou Group: 171.33

The Liangfu Group of Han Dynasty: 168.59

Han dynasty group in Zhengzhou, Henan: 169.52

Henan Dynasty Zhengzhou Tang Group: 167.03

Gen. Deetsch Group of Warring States: 167.37

Dongzhou Shandong Liangol Group: 166.46

【Qiang Di】

Shangsunjiazhai group of Han Dynasty: 166.30

[Southern Huns]

Group Da Bao Dan: 164.86


Pingyang Group: 164.31


Jinggouzi Formation: 165.59

【Lin Hu】

New store subgroup: 164.76

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