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2022 Paper: New Information Revealed by Aixinjueluo Paternal Y Chromosome

In September 2022, Wei Lanhai published "Constructing Early Genealogy of Aixinghueluo Family and Reintegrating Jurchen Ministry of Jianzhou in Late Ming Dynasty" in Qing History Research. The article analyzes 13 different branches A personal study of Aisin Gioro family once again confirmed accuracy of previous 2014 article "Aisin Gioro Y chromosome, Qing Dynasty imperial house" that Aisin Gioro family belongs to lower reaches of northern branch of C2 M504 (F8951) And this further explained link between genealogy of Y-chromosome royal family in Qing Dynasty.

2022 Paper: New Information Revealed by Aixinjueluo Paternal Y Chromosome

1. Test object

The 8 descendants of Aixinghueluo family with clear pedigrees include: Hongzhou descendants (I), Chuying descendants (F), Haoge descendants (two, B, G), Duoduo descendants (two, A, D), Suo Chang'a descendants ( code C) and descendants of Li Dun (H).

2022 Paper: New Information Revealed by Aixinjueluo Paternal Y Chromosome

Looking at genealogy, this test has largely covered various branches of Aixinjueluo family, and this is first time that descendants of a clan of a close branch in Qing Dynasty (Qing Dynasty system, Qing Zhaozu Menge Timur descendants can all be called Jueluo, with red sashes on waist, and descendants of Nurhaci and his younger brother can be called a clan, and they can wear yellow belts at waist. Among yellow belts, only descendants of Kangxi Emperor can be called closest branch of clan, with highest status):

①Hongzhou Prince He's descendants belong to a close branch clan, and Hongzhou is son of Yongzheng Emperor. This person must be closest to Qing Emperor's branch that has been tested so far;②Chu Ying is eldest son from Nurhaci; ③Prince Su Hauge is Huang Taiji's eldest son and one of Eight Iron Hat Kings; ④ Prince Yu Duoduo is youngest son of fourth concubine Nurhati and one of Eight Kings of Iron Hat; Jeweluo; ⑥: Lidong, King of Wugong County, elder brother of Nurhati's father. According to Qing Dynasty system, he belonged not to a clan, but to Jueluo clan.

In addition, there are two descendants of Manchu Jueluo in Beijing area, whose genealogy is not clear, and current surnames are "Zhao", faces M and E.

There are 3 more descendants of Juercha family, persons J, K and L.

2. Test results

By comparison, all of these 13 individuals were found to have same paternal ancestor C2n1a3a2a-F14735, who is same paternal ancestor.

Their pedigrees are as follows:

2022 Paper: New Information Revealed by Aixinjueluo Paternal Y Chromosome

From genealogical tree of 23 Rubik's Cubes, it can be seen that common ancestor of Aixinjueluo and Juercha families is C2n1a3a2a-F14735, and his descendant type, descendant of Fuman (Nurhaci's great-grandfather), should be C2-F14749 (this is Y type of Aixinjueluo family, approved by 23 Mofang ).

2022 Paper: New Information Revealed by Aixinjueluo Paternal Y Chromosome

3. Conclusion

The article analyzes paternal DNA of Aisinhueluo family and Juercha family of Manchu ethnicity, and concludes that they must belong to same paternal line. Between them there is a relationship of adoption, adoption, adoption, etc. In original text, it is believed that this happened in generation of Lao Huchi, son of Tong Tachaer from Juercha family, who was adopted by Quandou from Aixinhueluo family.

2022 Paper: New Information Revealed by Aixinjueluo Paternal Y Chromosome

This article also suggests that rise of Aixinghueluo family among Jurchens of Ming Dynasty may have something to do with military operations of Ming "Li Ting Cave Sweepers" army during Chenghua period. The original Jurchen belonged to Jianzhou. Wei The descendants of direct lineage leaders were generally annihilated, and Aixinghueluo family, which came from and interacted with Zircha family, filled in gap in power and came from behind.

Original text reads: "As mentioned above, year of Xingzu Fuman's birth (1485 ± 65 years), calculated according to DNA sequence, is close, but later than year of Battle of Dinghai (1467), which is consistent with this The situation is consistent, that is: due to attack of Ming court, direct descendants of early Jianzhou Wei chiefs generally abandoned, which is an important historical background for rise of other families (such as Wang Gao family and Fuman family) within original Jianzhou Jianzhou."

Fourthly, forecast at end of article

Article ends:

“We found closest lateral branch (also named Zhao, or coincidence, unpublished data) to unique paternal line of Aisinhueluo-Tszyuercha family in Evenki ethnic group, and time of divergence was about 1800 years ago. In addition, our previous study also showed that main paternal type in Daur was C2a-F5483, which was separated from unique paternal line of Aixinhueluo-Huerca about 2700 years ago.

This is a new clue about distant ancestors of Aisin Gioro family presented in article, combined with another article "The Genetic Trail of Early Migrations of Aisin Gioro, Qing Dynasty Imperial House" by Lang Hai in 2015 , Aisin It should be quite certain that distant ancestors of Jueluo family (more than 2000) descended from Mongol-Evenki in upper reaches of Heilongjiang.

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