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Selected Poems of Chen Zilong: A National Hero against Qing Dynasty in Late Ming Dynasty and First Poet of Ming Dynasty

Chen Zilong (1608-1647), originally named Chen Jie, surnamed Renzhong, changed to Wozy, Songjiang Huating in Nanzhilia (now Songjiang District, Shanghai), minister of late Ming Dynasty, famous scholar, minister of Ministry of Industry Chen Suowen's son. After Qing soldiers captured Nanjing, they gathered Taihu people's armed organizations to contact and carry out anti-Qing activities, but were arrested after defeat. On May 13 of first year of Yongli's reign (1647), he threw himself into water to die for his country. Chen Zilong was not only a famous martyr and hero of late Ming Dynasty, but also an important writer of late Ming Dynasty who achieved many outstanding achievements. His poetic achievement is relatively high, and his poetic style can be tragic and abandoned, full of national integrity. Chen Jilong is also a poet, a famous poet of graceful Qi, and leader of Yunjian Qi school.

Selected Poems of Chen Zilong: A National Hero against Qing Dynasty in Late Ming Dynasty and First Poet of Ming Dynasty
Crimson Lips Polka Dot Spring Boudoir

Your eyes are full of youth, and east wind is used to blowing red. After several smogs, it is difficult to protect only flowers.

Longing for love in a dream, so King Sun Lu. Spring has no master. Where cuckoo calls, rouge tears rain down.

The first film of word uses a scene of spring being blown away by rain and wind, leaving only countless red spots, implying overthrow of Ming Dynasty; mourning for conquered country. The whole word metaphorically expresses meaning of scene, and whole story is inspired by scene, and merged with scene, and twists and turns to express its deep and mournful feeling that makes people wander and indescribable.

Xiao Tao tasted Luo Chang under branch and scent of butterfly powder. The moon rubs fragrant herbs flat, half of face is covered with red make-up.

The wind warms, sun rises, willows hang down. A pair of dancing swallows, thousands of flying flowers, setting sun over earth.

The exact date of creation of this poem is unknown. Wang Shizhen of Qing Dynasty said, "Poems in a large bottle have natural charm and endless flavor, just like Yaotai fairies fan when they are independent." writers of that time with a new style. The comparison caused circle of Qi at end of Ming Dynasty to suddenly shine. Spring Walk is one of Chen Zilong's early masterpieces.

Shanhuazi Spring Hatred

Willows turn white in morning mist, and apricot flowers fall at five o'clock. The moon outside lonely Jingyang Palace is glowing red.

Butterfly-colored robes are woven with golden thread, insects are dyed with powder, and jade buildings are empty, but only ruthless swallows dance in east wind.

This is a song of blood and tears, mourning motherland. The author was born during turbulent years of late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. False~i~-Sq puts people in a tragic situation when world turns upside down and mausoleum changes. Faced with reality of a dilapidated family and country, discoloration of mountains and rivers, witnessing tragic martyrdom, blood and tears in terrible prisons, facing frequent wars and desperate situations, especially disappointment of dreams of an official career and destruction of traditional patriarchal lineages, return has already occurred. The poet's heart was filled with all sorts of bitterness and sadness. Sorrow, anger, sadness, grief and confusion fell upon his soul like wind, swords and rain. The interest of word "spring hatred", that is, hatred for ruin of country and death of family.

Poppy Zayong

Young peaches, red apricots, and spring will be halfway, always replaced by east wind. Wangsungfan's grassy road is dim, only green hills still face setting sun.

It's like there's no one here in Qiluo, and bright moon is shining in sky. In a dream, water in pavilions is clear, and stars dew all over south of Yangtze River next dayb.

Yilian is sick on his pillow at five o'clock, Xiaoyun is empty, and volume is red. Ruthless spring, when will it leave?

Add me a thousand lines of clear tears, I can't hold them back, I'm in a hurry.

Chu Palace and Wu Garden have velvet grass, love fragrant lumps, and bees roam. They are expected to meet on a picture screen in coming year.

People laugh at themselves when they are sad and dance with east wind with swallows.

It is impossible to determine when this word was created. Some scholars (such as Chen Yingke) believe that word was written around ninth year of Chongzhen in Ming Dynasty, so they consider "cloud" in "Xiaoyunkong". "like "Ayun." (Liu Rushi) and then thought that this poem is a work that reflects feelings between a man and a woman, but judging by content of entire poem, it was probably written when poet followed Zhu Yihai, King of Lu, and continued to fight for restoration of Ming Dynasty after fall of Fu Wang Zhu Yuson of Nanming.

Miscellaneous poems about Liao affairs

Lu Longxiong is open to rely on heaven, and he has come here three times in ten years.

The sound of Qili horn shakes sun and moon, and color of lighthouse in Huizhong moves towers.

The year at cemetery is full of white dew, and every night green walls of city mourn.

Together with safety and security, Ren Zunzu, that is, one who is today's outstanding talent.

late autumn miscellaneous

Jianguanhaiqiao meets celestial torrent, and Yulu merchants worry thousands of miles away.

In September, people from Xinghe came out of fortress, and a city of people from Zhenchu ​​went upstairs.

The desert returns to yellow clouds and dusk, and rocks return to wind and brocade in autumn.

Looking at vastness and cold in distance, sound of pure horns fills Shenzhou.

Autumn different feelings

Mountains and rivers are full of hope and sadness, and Zhou Yuanhe and millet wander again and again.

Danfeng brocade trees are beautiful in three autumns, and white geese and yellow clouds come from afar.

Under night rain in Jing Zhen Lianmao's garden, at sunset, an elk descends onto Xu's terrace.

Zhen Yi wants to leave tomb alone, weeps bitterly and raises his glass to Xinting.

Relation to Qiantang looking east

The Qingxi flows down to east and returns to great river, and immediately rocks look desperately mournful.

The dawn and sun are bright, clouds are heavy, and spring tide is three Zhejiang waves and clouds.

Yu Ling thinks of meeting king in wind and rain, and mountains and rivers of Yue country give birth to great talents.

This is still place of Se Gong with his magic tricks, and red springs and green trees are waiting for people.

Get up in early spring

Leaning on railing facing Xiaofeng, Manxi Chunshui Xiaoqiao to east.

Before I knew about Red Mansions dream last night, I was among peach blossoms and trees.

The grass in green courtyard is covered with human clothes, and earringski follow waves and do not fly.

The wind blows in green field and wanders, and rain in red building mourns roses.

Words in a cloud

Datong's daughter, Yang Zhuhua, learned to play zither and pipa at age of fifteen.

Don't play songs until midnight, clear frost and bright moon full of homesickness.

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