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In ancient Egypt, it was not possible to build pyramids, so who built pyramids?

The earliest mention of pyramids appeared in "History of Hippo Wars" by Herodotus, father of ancient Greek history. He said that pyramids were built by kings of ancient kingdom. Duration of 20 years. He also said that these large stones were brought from Sinai Peninsula. According to archaeological finds, people have discovered such living quarters as collective dormitories for workers who built pyramids, which, in scale, can accommodate about 25,000 people. The pyramid of Khufu has about 2.6 million stones. If 10,000 workers lift these stones daily, it will take about 700 years.

It was difficult to complete such a large building in early days of Ancient Egypt. Some people estimate population based on agricultural production of Nile Valley and Delta and believe that population of ancient Egypt in Old Kingdom was only a few hundred thousand. Even if several million people lived in ancient Egypt at that time, he could not afford to build a huge pyramid. Currently, there are about 80 pyramids along Nile River, and Khufu's pyramid alone is already difficult to build, not to mention other 80. Obviously, Ancient Egypt could not build.

Since ancient Egyptians couldn't build pyramids, which country built pyramids? Perhaps we can find inspiration in Plato's Dialogues. In Plato's Dialogues, a very ancient country called Atlantis is mentioned, which is a piece of land surrounded by oceans and possessing great power. Egypt, Athens, Syria and other countries must pay tribute to him. Later, due to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, earth sank to bottom of sea. Regarding location of Atlantis, some people think that it is in Mediterranean Sea, while others think that it is in Atlantic Ocean.

In 1665, Atanas Kocher put forward theory that Azores and Canary Islands were remnants of Atlantis. More recent archaeological discoveries seem to confirm this. In 1968, a group of American expeditions discovered under water ruins of an ancient temple off island of Andros, and at a depth of 5 meters off island of Bimini, a large flat and processed stone platform was discovered. By examining seabed, people found that buildings on seabed are very consistent with Atlantis described by Plato. Therefore, people assume that once in middle of ancient Atlantic Ocean there was a piece of land called "Dashizhou". In 1970s, scientists dug out rocks at a depth of 800 m. Once identified, these sites were once dry land 12,000 years ago.

In 1974, Soviet Union took 8 photographs at bottom of Atlantic Ocean and discovered a large-scale ancient structure. In 1979, American and French scientists explored Bermuda Delta and discovered a pyramid at bottom of Bermuda, lower side of tower is 300 meters long, 200 meters high, and top of tower is only 100 meters from ocean. a surface that is larger than Egyptian pyramids. There are two huge caves at bottom of tower, and sea water flows through caves at an alarming rate. In 2013, a huge underwater pyramid was discovered at bottom of Azores.

These conclusions gave rise to new assumptions among people. Maybe 12,000 years ago, Atlantis really was on earth, and Atlantis was on it. So why is it now sinking to bottom of ocean? According to geological studies, about 10,000 years ago, earth was in an ice age, and sea level at that time was tens of meters lower than it is now. Later, with melting of glaciers, rising sea levels, earthquakes and other factors, Daxizhou sank to bottom of sea.

If Atlantis really existed in Atlantic Ocean, and if pyramids at bottom of Atlantic Ocean are real, then there really was a civilization on earth before Egypt. According to Plato's records, population of this civilization is about 10 million people, and it will be even more impressive if slaves are included in it. He then has ability to build pyramids. However, all this needs additional evidence from archaeologists.

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