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British Prime Minister Truss resigned: underlying causes developed after Second World War

On October 20, after a little more than a month in office, British Prime Minister Truss announced her resignation, becoming shortest-lived prime minister in British history, leaving behind an extremely poor record.

Looking back at political situation in UK in recent years, people feel there is only one word for "chaotic". After you sing, I will take stage. From resignation of Cameron to resignation of Trouss, in just six years, four prime ministers have resigned.

So, including Truss, what are reasons for frequent resignations of British prime ministers in recent years? The so-called "yesterday's cause today's effect", problems that arise today, formed after Second World War!

British Prime Minister Truss resigned: underlying causes developed after Second World War

The superficial reason for Truss's resignation lies in Mrs Thatcher's inability to imitate

In last century, when Britain was in economic trouble, Mrs Thatcher eased burden on businesses and individuals by lowering business taxes and raising personal tax threshold, thereby helping Britain out of economic trouble.

After Truss came to power, he also learned from Mrs Thatcher, but problem is that Mrs Thatcher still has tricks that Truss couldn't learn.

When Mrs. Thatcher cut taxes, she filled a financial hole by selling off state-owned enterprises and cut spending by slashing benefits. A tax cut policy based on this proved to be successful.

When Tesla cut taxes, there were no state-owned enterprises to sell, and benefits could not be cut. At this time, we still have to support Ukraine, and we are still facing problem of epidemic and worsening economic situation... in this case money for tax cuts?

So it's no surprise that Truss doesn't mind!

British Prime Minister Truss resigned: underlying causes developed after Second World War

The deepest reason for resignation The track was formed after Second World War

The tax cut is only an external reason for Trass's resignation. The deeper reason has to do with history of British foreign policy.

The United Kingdom is located in British Isles, hanging alone across ocean. It has long been watching fire from other side and does not enter into alliances with other countries. Glorious policy of isolation.

However, in order to carry out a policy of glorious isolation and fan flames everywhere, you first need strong strength. Without enough strength to back it up, separating from other forces is a joke. Therefore, during First and Second World Wars, Britain had already abandoned policy of isolation and entered into alliances with France, Russia and United States to fight hostile forces together.

In two world wars, although Great Britain was victorious country, it was surpassed by United States in terms of economy at end of 19th century, and in terms of military affairs, United States and Soviet Union were stronger than Britain after Second World War ...... After awakening of Asia, Africa and Latin America, collapse of colonial system, Britain, without support of a huge colony, inevitably fell into decay and became a second country.

British Prime Minister Truss resigned: underlying causes developed after Second World War

After World War II, US and Soviet Union were super powerful, and countries of Western Europe could be called "the same people who fell at end of world." Walking among them, "European school", gradually emerged "American school" and "native school".

For United States, a united Europe is definitely not in interests of United States. Because Britain and United States are Anglo-Saxons, United Kingdom is a natural target for United States to stir up European Union.

For United Kingdom, a united Europe is not in interests of United Kingdom. Historically, Great Britain was able to manipulate European continent precisely because it was a mess. But realistically, UK has significant economic interests in EU, which is why UK joined EU.

To escape fate of becoming a vassal of United States, some European countries began to unite. In 1965, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg created "European Community", which was renamed "European Union" in 1993. In this process, United Kingdom joined European Community in 1973 (Brexit 2020), but after exit of euro, pound never joined euro area.

In short, United Kingdom has not really integrated into Europe and is playing with policies of "uniting Europe to control United States" and "uniting United States to control Europe" to profit from it, but this has actually led to many contradictions between United Kingdom and European Union. After all, UK officially left EU over refugee problem a few years ago, and EU has nothing to do with it.

British Prime Minister Truss resigned: underlying causes developed after Second World War

However, while UK moves between EU and US, outside forces will also react internally. The UK also has European, American and local factions. In other words, within same party, these three tendencies can exist simultaneously.

For example, people who prefer EU because Brexit led to a reduction in investment in business and trade in UK, and size of economy fell by 1.5%. Therefore, many Britons believe that EU is more important and they want to rejoin EU.

If not in normal times, but in recent years, in context of an epidemic, inflation, war, Brexit, economic recession, etc., different political ideas endlessly arise, different political forces intertwine, this is inevitable. As a result, battle in British political arena became increasingly intense, eventually leading to a "longer life than Tesla's epiphyllum".

In other words, predicament Truss faced had already formed. Cameron's resignations to Johnson explained problem, but she was no more fortunate than previous prime ministers. wrong ones were also deployed.

British Prime Minister Truss resigned: underlying causes developed after Second World War

At last, as most throwing country, over past hundreds of years, vast majority of world's countries have experienced excellent throwing skills of Britain, but now they throw themselves, and masters are deadly. the light will explode, how is it?

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